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Discover and Apply for Scholarships

What a Killer Letter of Recommendation for a Scholarship Should Look Like

Every student scholarship has its application guidelines you must follow. Besides maintaining good grades or belonging to a specific student group, submitting a scholarship recommendation letter is one of the most common requirements. If you want to apply for a scholarship but have never had anyone write . . .
Discover and Apply for Scholarships

A Simple Guide to Graduate School Scholarships

The idea of adding graduate school student loans to the list of your financial obligations can seem overbearing. Should the cost stop you from going after that degree? Not when there are graduate school scholarships to help you out. What may hold you back from applying for financial aid for grad school . . .
Discover and Apply for Scholarships

All You Need To Know To Apply for Scholarships Successfully

Once your search for college scholarships finally bears fruit, it’s time to apply for all the ones you found. Unfortunately, the time it takes to file multiple scholarship applications can deter students from doing so at all. DoNotPay unveils what you need to apply for scholarships and how to speed . . .
Discover and Apply for Scholarships

DoNotPay Explains College Scholarships and Helps You Apply for Them

Are you a high school senior looking for the best choice to continue your educational path or an undergraduate or graduate student in need of extra funding ? It’s not a surprise that schools come at a sky-high price nowadays. Affording proper education can seem nearly impossible for teenagers and college . . .
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Undergraduate Scholarships Explained

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree can be a costly undertaking. Fortunately, there are numerous financial aid options you can utilize to pay for your college education. Scholarships and grants are particularly helpful because you don’t have to pay them back. Such programs are available whether you are . . .

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How To Get a Scholarship for a Kid

Many parents and young students look for scholarships and grants to offset the increasingly high cost of education. Although opportunities for college students —both American and international —are relatively easy to find, finding a scholarship for a kid is a difficult task. You will have to visit . . .

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Jewish College Scholarships From A to Z

As tuition fees become higher each academic year, students find it increasingly more difficult to finish their education. Luckily, the number of governments, organizations, and companies that provide financial aid to students—especially the ones in college —is also on the rise. Scholarships and grants . . .

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Math Scholarships—All You Need To Know

Tuition fees in the United States can prove to be an insurmountable obstacle for most high school and college students. Luckily, students can turn to scholarships and grants to receive financial aid. In this article, we’ll talk about math scholarships and tell you how you can secure one. We’ll explain: . . .

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Discover the Best Texas Tech Scholarships

Getting an education at Texas Tech University can cost you from $9,300 (for in-state students) to $19,260 (for out-of-state ones) at minimum. The best way to cover these expenses is to look into Texas Tech scholarships. Gift aid allows you to pay for college without accumulating an overbearing debt. . . .

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How To Land Texas A&M Scholarships

If you want to become an Aggie, you need to prepare around $30,000—if you are a resident—or a whopping $60,000 as an out-of-state student . Where to get that kind of money? Texas A&M scholarships are the perfect solution. Some types of financial aid—such as loans—need to be repaid, which isn’t . . .

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The Ins and Outs of Harvard Scholarship Programs

Harvard makes a promise that no student admitted at the institution can drop out due to schooling expenses. This Ivy League school covers 100% of students' expenses during their undergraduate studies. If you’d like to know how to secure a Harvard scholarship, read this guide to learn how the programs . . .

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Louisiana Scholarships in a Nutshell

Over 700,000 students go to high school or college in Louisiana, but only a small percentage of them manage to deal with the financial burden that comes with studying. The rest have to fend for themselves by working part-time jobs or going into debt. The best way to avoid decade-long debt repayment is . . .

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Utah State Scholarships From A to Z

It’s no wonder that students rush to apply to Utah State University (USU) since it’s among the top ten public schools in the United States. Unfortunately, the cost of attendance—which can reach up to $37,000 per year for undergraduates and around $53,000 for graduate students—can prove too much . . .

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The Ultimate Guide to UT Dallas Scholarships

Applying for a scholarship at the University of Texas at Dallas (UT) is the best option for students who can’t afford sky-high tuition and other associated costs. In addition to being non-repayable, this type of financial aid offers a variety of options for different types of students. Check out this . . .

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