How To Land Texas A&M Scholarships

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All Questions About Texas A&M Scholarships Answered

If you want to become an Aggie, you need to prepare around $30,000—if you are a resident—or a whopping $60,000 as an out-of-state student. Where to get that kind of money? Texas A&M scholarships are the perfect solution.

Some types of financial aid—such as loans—need to be repaid, which isn’t the case with scholarships. If you manage to find programs you qualify for, you can get free money and study at Texas A&M University (TAMU) stress-free.

Prepare to collect all awards you can receive with the help of our simple guide. DoNotPay reveals the best scholarships at TAMU and gives you guidance on how to apply.

Types of Texas A&M University Scholarships

You can win grants and scholarships for different levels of studies and a variety of purposes. Start looking into your possibilities by reviewing the following categories:

  1. Freshmen scholarships
  2. Current students scholarships
  3. Graduate students scholarships
  4. International students scholarships
  5. Transfer students scholarships
  6. Regional scholarships
  7. Additional scholarships

Texas A&M University Scholarships for Freshmen

High school seniors can consider the following university aid opportunities for freshmen:

  • President's Endowed Scholarship—$3,000
  • Lechner Scholarship—$2,5000
  • Century Scholars Program—$5,000
  • Dependent Children of Texas A&M Employee Scholarship—$500 to $2,000
  • Opportunity Award—$100 to $15,000
  • McAllen Higher Education Center Scholarships—$2,500
  • Veterans Scholarships—Amount varies
  • Century Scholarship—$5,000
  • College and department scholarships—Amount varies

Texas A&M University Scholarships for Current Students

Undergraduates at TAMU—including sophomores, juniors, and seniors—can get scholarships such as:

  • Academic Excellence Award—Amount varies from $500 for one year up to $10,000 for three years
  • Aggie Ring Scholarship Program—$25,000 or more
  • Dependent Children of Texas A&M Employee Scholarship—$500 to $2,000
  • Scholarships for students with disabilities—including:
    • Carter Logan Crews Memorial Scholarship—$2,000
    • Cory Douglas Monzingo ’11 Endowed Memorial Scholarship—$1,125
    • Lott-Sadow-Cleveland Scholarship—$4,000
  • Southerland Aggie Leadership Scholarships—$4,000 or more
  • Education abroad scholarships—$500 to $2,000
  • College and department scholarships—Amount varies

Texas A&M University Scholarships for Graduate Students

Your wish to pursue a graduate degree can be rewarded with the University aid programs like the ones listed below:

  • Graduate Assistantships—Amount varies
  • Graduate Fellowships—Amount varies
  • College and department scholarships for graduates—Amount varies

Texas A&M University Scholarships for International students

International students have a chance to get financial assistance from TAMY directly. Some of the programs they can be eligible for are:

  • International Freshman Scholarships—Amount varies
  • International Transfer Scholarships—Amount varies
  • International Continuing Student Scholarships—Amount varies
  • Nursing Scholarship Program—Amount varies
  • Healthcare Heroes Scholarship Program—$5,000

Texas A&M University Scholarships for Transfer Students

Are you transferring to TAMU from a different school? You can finance your studies at the University with the following scholarships:

  • Aggie Transfer Scholarships—$4,000 or more
  • College and department scholarships—Amount varies
  • Dependent Children of Texas A&M Employee Scholarship—$500 to $2,000
  • Foundation Excellence Award—Amount varies
  • Texas A&M University Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Scholarship—$2,000 to $5,000

Regional Scholarships

Another basis on which you can receive financial aid is your area of residence. Here are some of the most notable scholarships for TAMU students in different areas:

Brazos Valley
  • A&M Consolidated High School Graduates—Alice & C. A. 'Bonnie' Bonnen Endowed Scholarship
  • Bryan High School—S.C. Lindsay Scholarship
  • C.H. Yoe High School—Calloway Foundation Scholarship
Central Texas
  • Elks National Foundation Scholarships—Austin
  • Horatio Alger Scholarship Program—Texas
  • Austin Community Foundation Scholarship for the Hispanic Professional Engineers
  • Future Farmers of America (FFA) Scholarship
  • Houston Endowment/Jones Scholarship
  • Linda Lorelle Scholarship Fund
San Antonio
  • Bexar County 4-H Scholarship
  • San Antonio Area Foundation
  • Southern Texas PGA Foundation Scholarship

Additional Scholarships

Funding for your TAMU studies can come from outside sources as well. Clubs, organizations, foundations, corporations, and other institutions can offer aid for Aggie students. Check out these prominent programs:

  • Aggie Moms’ Clubs Scholarships
  • CSI Executive Search STEM Scholarships
  • Creative Biolabs Scholarship Program
  • Undergraduate Scholarship for Veterans’ Children
  • Mike Evans Family Foundation Scholarship
  • The Sumners Foundation Grants and Scholarships
  • Gloves Scholarship Program
  • Texas Electricity Ratings "Energy For Life" Scholarship

Where To Look For Scholarships for Texas A&M Students

The more scholarships you apply for, the merrier. That’s why you should use all tools at your disposal to discover programs you qualify for.

Here are a few sources of information for potential gift aid options:

  • TAMU Financial Aid and Scholarship Office
  • Specific department office at TAMU
  • Texas Education Agency
  • Scholarship search engines—such as CareerOneStop and the British American Foundation of Texas (BAFTX)
  • Internet

Make sure to have in mind your gender, ethnicity, hobbies, interests, and religion when searching for aid. You can come across specific programs for women, Africans, filmmakers, Eagle Scouts, Christians, and more.

Does the research process sound exhausting? You can get it over within a couple of minutes if you . Fill out a simple questionnaire about your education qualifications, and we’ll curate a full list of college scholarships you are eligible for.

The Basics of Texas A&M Scholarship Application

Want to apply for Texas A&M scholarships without hassle? Follow these tips:

  • Complete the TAMU online application (on ApplyTexas Application or the Coalition Application) on the priority deadline date
  • Follow directions for every program
  • Give yourself a deadline which is one or two weeks before the actual date
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form even if you apply for private scholarships
  • Start writing scholarship essays ahead of time
  • Ask for letters of recommendation a few weeks before the deadline
  • Complete a Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) with care

Note that applying for TAMU scholarships comes with a $75 fee. You might waive it if you follow the instructions in our brief guide.

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