The Essentials of a Scholarship for a High ACT Score

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What You Need To Know About a Scholarship for a High ACT Score

Taking the ACT is an important milestone for every high school senior. If you’ve received your results and you are more than happy with your achievement, you have a chance to get a scholarship for a high ACT score.

Getting admitted into a school of your choice isn’t the only benefit of doing well on the test. Your hard work can pay off as you can receive financial aid that doesn’t need to be repaid.

You can get thousands of dollars for your education expenses if you apply for the right ACT scholarships. Where to find them? DoNotPay knows!

Use our guide to discover:

  • What the best programs for high-achieving students are
  • Where to find scholarships
  • How to secure more aid

What ACT Score Is Needed for Scholarships?

Unlike SAT—with its maximum score of 1600—ACT has a smaller scoring range. If you don’t make any mistakes, you can get 36 on the test. A good score that can turn you into an eligible candidate for gift aid is 30 or above.

You don’t need to aim for this number to get an ACT scholarship. You can qualify for lower-level ones with a 20–25 score range as well. Keep in mind that the higher your score is, the more money you can get.

Available Scholarships for High ACT Score

Whether you’ve already got your results or you are still waiting, look into some of the college scholarship programs based on your score. Here are the categories you can revise:

  1. Scholarships for act scores of 21–25
  2. Scholarships for an act score of 30
  3. Scholarships for act scores of 32 and higher

List of Scholarships for ACT Scores of 21–25

Awards for high school students who score between 21 and 25 may not be as high, but they can be a great addition to other scholarships. You can team up merit-based aid with other programs—such as scholarships for women, veterans, cheerleaders, Christians, or minorities—and accumulate enough funds for all schooling expenses.

Check out these opportunities for students with a score of 21–25:

Scholarship NameMinimum ACT ScoreAward
Joshua David Gardner Memorial Scholarship21$2,000
Dorrance Scholarship for First-Generation Students22$12,000
Ave Maria University Michigan Homeschooled Faith Scholarship23$9,000
Alfred State Academic Distinction Scholarships23$4,000
ACF Kiwanis Club of Albuquerque Scholarship Program23$1,000

List of Scholarships for an ACT Score of 30

An ACT score of 30 is a great accomplishment. There are numerous aid programs that you can qualify for with the result of 26–30—such as:

Scholarship NameMinimum ACT ScoreAward
The Edmund F. Maxwell Foundation26$20,000
Augustana College Presidential Scholarship27$20,000
Actuarial Diversity Scholarship28$4,000
Jonathan Baldwin Turner Scholarships29$2,500
ACF Woodcock Family Education Scholarship Program30$40,000

List of Scholarships for ACT Scores of 32 and Higher

If you’ve scored over 32—congratulations! You can get a generous amount of gift aid that will cover your tuition cost and other expenses. Here are a few prominent merit-based scholarships you should check out:

Scholarship NameMinimum ACT ScoreAward
Southwestern University Brown Scholarship31$33,000
Texas State University President's Honor Scholarship32$48,000
The University of South Florida Presidential Award32$20,000
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) Distinguished Scholars program32Full cost of tuition for in- and out-of-state students
The University of Mississippi Merit Scholarship33Full cost of tuition

How To Find Scholarships for High ACT Scores

Scholarship research may be tedious, but it has to be done. You can search for programs based on your score, but don’t stop there. Look beyond the ACT. and surface additional aid you are eligible for.

Diversify your search by doing the following:

  • Ask your guidance counselor about financial aid for high ACT scores
  • Call or email prospective universities to check if you qualify for automatic merit scholarships
  • Do an internet search for programs for your specific score
  • Visit different organizations you resonate with and inquire about their programs
  • Check with the department of education in your state about academic scholarships

Want to simplify this procedure? is an AI-powered app that can single out every program you can get. Let us know your score and qualifications, and we’ll pull out a tailored list of scholarships and grants. You can even apply for the ones that don’t demand an essay or letters of recommendation without leaving the app.

Scholarships for High SAT Scores

Colleges and universities consider both ACT and SAT scores for rewarding merit-based scholarships. If you did great on both, you should review gift aid opportunities for students with high SAT scores—including:

Scholarship NameMinimum SAT ScoreAward
Don and Sybil Harrington Scholarship1300$5,000
DeSales University Presidential Scholarships1410$23,000
Principia College Trustee Scholarship1420$25,000
Point the Way Foundation Scholarship1500$5,000
Oklahoma State Regents Academic Scholars Program1540$5,500

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