All You Need To Know About the NC Opportunity Scholarship

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Breaking Down the NC Opportunity Scholarship

Like in other states in America, many families in North Carolina find it difficult to afford education for their children. As a result, they often rely on scholarships and grants to help them overcome their financial hurdles. The North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority (NCSEAA) recognizes this issue and provides a solution—the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship.

This comprehensive guide provides essential details about the NC Opportunity Scholarship so families who need it can check their eligibility and apply in no time!

What Is the NC Opportunity Scholarship?

The North Carolina (NC) Opportunity Scholarship is a no-essay, income-based award designed to help financially challenged families and students. Applicants who meet the scholarship requirements can receive up to $4,200 per student annually to pay for an education in a private school. The NCSEAA distributes these scholarships by lottery.

How Can You Qualify for the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship?

You must meet two types of requirements to be eligible for the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship:

  1. Mandatory requirements
  2. Special requirements (only one has to be fulfilled)

North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship—Mandatory Requirements

Your eligibility, as well as the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship award amount, depends on:

  • The number of people in your household
  • The maximum allowed gross household income

Check out the table below to find details:

Number of People in the HouseholdThe Maximum Household Gross Income Allowed To Qualify for 100% of the NC Opportunity ScholarshipThe Maximum Household Gross Income Allowed To Qualify for 90% of the NC Opportunity Scholarship (Or $4,200, Whichever Is Less)

To be eligible for the NC Opportunity Scholarship, you must also:

  • Be at least five years old by August 31 of the application year
  • Not have graduated from high school
  • Be a North Carolina resident
  • Not have enrolled full-time in a post-secondary institution

Graduated high school seniors, college students, and students in graduate schools do not qualify for the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship. If you fall under these student categories, don’t fret—DoNotPay can help! and answer a few short questions to discover scholarships tailored to your qualifications!

North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship—Special Requirements

Fulfilling only the mandatory requirements is not enough to be eligible for the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship. To qualify for the award, at least one of the following statements must apply—you:

  • Have received and used Opportunity Scholarship funds in the previous year
  • Are in foster care or have been adopted within the last year
  • Have a child who is entering kindergarten or first grade (if you’re applying on behalf of your child)
  • Attended a public school or Department of Defense school in North Carolina as a full-time student during the spring semester (before applying for and using the NC Opportunity Scholarship)
  • Have a parent on full-time active military duty

How To Apply for the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship

If you’re a parent applying your child for the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship, you need to set up a MyPortal account and follow these steps:

  1. Create an account or log in if you have one already
  2. Click on Applications and Renewals
  3. Enter your personal information, such as:
    1. First and last name
    2. Date of birth
    3. Social Security Number (SSN)
  4. Click on the Apply button next to the Opportunity Scholarship Program Application field in the table that shows up
  5. Review and update the eligibility requirements
  6. Click Apply for Opportunity Scholarship at the bottom of the page
  7. Select the private school you want to attend or Unknown if you don’t know which school you’re going to apply to
  8. Check the boxes on the Consent and Certification Statements page and click Submit

You don’t need any scholarship essays or letters of recommendation to apply for the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship.

You can use MyPortal to check the status of your application once you submit it. To do so, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate back to the dashboard
  2. Click on Eligibility and Award Information
  3. Select your application in the dropdown menu

North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship—Application Deadlines

Take a look at the following table to learn about the different application deadlines of the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship:

February 1–March 1Priority consideration
August 31Consideration for a full award offer
December 31Consideration for a spring term award only

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