How To Win a Catholic High School Scholarship

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Everything You Need To Know About a Catholic High School Scholarship

To motivate youth to nourish their faith and follow the path of Christianity, certain funders offer scholarships to high school students who enroll in Catholic schools.

With over 1,200 Catholic secondary schools in the U.S., it is no surprise that various financial foundations and organizations offer gift aid to deserving students. The challenging bit is discovering which type of financial aid you can apply for.

Do you want to find a suitable Catholic high school scholarship? Read our guide and educate yourself about:

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Who Can Receive Catholic School Scholarships?

Scholarships for Catholics can be awarded to students at different education stages—including elementary school, high school, undergraduate, and graduate studies. The requirements are usually that a student belongs to a certain parish or attends a Catholic school. The eligibility criteria depend on the funder, so you’ll need to look into what each program asks for.

If you are interested in or attending Catholic high school, you can get a scholarship as a:

The aid can be gifted based on:

  • Academic achievements
  • Financial need—for low-income families
  • The region where the student resides
  • Parish to which the student belongs

Students who come from unique situations or belong to an inclusive group can apply for additional scholarships. Apart from the programs for Catholic students, you can apply for the ones that award:

Where To Look for Catholic School Scholarships

How to find scholarships that match your specific situation? That is the issue that most students struggle with. There is no unified place of information, so you can begin your search by taking the following actions:

  • Look for information on the school’s website—Most schools put up details about their scholarship programs on their websites
  • Contact school administrators—If you can’t find information on the website, ask the program administrators or send a request for aid by stating your case
  • Ask your local church—Talk to the leader at your church about their funding opportunities
  • Turn to Catholic organizations—Try to find local and regional organizations that provide financial support to Catholic students
  • Search the internet—You can find lots of information on the web by entering relevant keywords—for example, “Arizona Catholic high school scholarships”

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Scholarships for Catholic High Schools You Should Check Out

Review your possibilities by checking out some of the best scholarships classified into these groups:

  1. Nation-wide scholarships
  2. Regional scholarships

Nation-Wide Catholic High School Scholarships

You should take advantage of national resources. Take a look at the prominent nation-wide scholarships and grants for Catholic high school students:

  • A Better Chance Scholarship
  • Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship
  • The Catholic High School Scholarship Grants Program
  • The Children's Scholarship Fund

Regional Scholarships for Catholic High School Tuition

Every state offers financial aid opportunities for Catholic students. You can look into scholarships available in your region—and the table below can help you with that mission:

AreaScholarship Program
Los AngelesCatholic Education Foundation of Los Angeles Scholarships
  • Partners in Excellence
  • Knott Scholarship Funds
MassachusettsThe Catholic Schools Foundation Scholarships
ChicagoBig Shoulders Fund
WashingtonArchdiocese of Washington
BostonCatholic Schools Foundation
MissouriBright Futures Fund
New York
  • Futures in Education
  • Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation
PhiladelphiaBusiness Leadership Organized for Catholic Schools (BLOCS)
PittsburghExtra Mile Education Foundation
SeattleFulcrum Foundation

Applying for Scholarships for Catholic School—Essential Tips

Every scholarship funder mandates specific application steps you need to take to become a potential candidate. When applying for Catholic school scholarships, you need to keep the following in mind:

  • Check the eligibility requirements, and apply only if you meet the criteria
  • Don’t forget to indicate your parish membership, if asked
  • Fill out the online application form with care
  • Focus on your contribution to the Catholic community in your scholarships essay, if you need to write one
  • Ask your parents to prepare the financial paperwork in advance

You might also need to supply a personal statement, letters of recommendation, proof of your community work, and other documents.

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