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Students of all levels of study can qualify for scholarships and grants for various reasons—including financial need and academic merit. What about athletic achievements, though? If you’re a high schooler wondering whether you qualify for scholarships based on your substantial athletic accomplishments, you're in the right place! DoNotPay answers all your questions about scholarships for athletes in high school in this comprehensive guide!

Scholarships for High School Athletes—Let’s Talk Numbers

Around 2% of high schoolers receive scholarships for student-athletes. The following table shows the numbers of available Division 1 scholarships for high school students based on sports and gender:

SportNumber of Scholarships Available to MenNumber of Scholarships Available to Women
Track and field6,6909,336

Who Qualifies for Sports Scholarships for High School Students?

Besides being an athlete and a high school freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, you typically need to meet various other requirements to qualify for athletic scholarships, such as:

  • Holding a required grade point average (GPA)—usually a minimum of 2.3 for professional scholarships and 3.0 for recreational ones
  • Displaying leadership skills
  • Being involved in community service

Where Can You Find Athletic Scholarships for High School Students?

To find available athletic scholarships for high school students, you should:

  • Contact the financial aid department of your high school and the college or university you plan to attend in the future
  • Reach out to coaches of the teams you want to join
  • Check out websites of the NCAA and NAIA—the governing bodies of college athletics—if you’re interested in professional sports

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Scholarships for High School Athletes—Which Ones To Aim For

You can choose between two types of scholarships for high school athletes, depending on your athletic skills and dedication:

  1. Scholarships for recreational athletes
  2. Scholarships for striving professionals

Scholarships for Recreational Athletes

Scholarships for recreational athletes are designed for students who demonstrate financial need and participate in sports without competing. The application process for recreational scholarships usually consists of the following steps:

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or a state equivalent
  2. Submit the College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile for schools that participate in the program (you can find the complete list on the CollegeBoard website)
  3. Send individual applications

The above-listed steps might suffice for some scholarships, but for many others, you will have to submit the following supporting documentation:

If writing essays is not your strong suit, you can always apply for no-essay scholarships.

Scholarships for Aspiring Professional Athletes

If you want to go pro, you must dedicate yourself to that goal as soon as you enter high school. To be recruited by professionals and receive scholarship offers, you need to:

  1. Evaluate which of the two divisions offering scholarships you qualify for
  2. Start looking for teams you would want to join as early as a freshman
  3. Prepare other application requirements, such as:
    1. A highlights video
    2. School transcript
    3. Athletic statistics
    4. Standardized test scores, such as SAT and ACT (if you’ve taken them)
  4. Start contacting coaches and teams consistently in your sophomore year
  5. Maintain suitable academic and athletic progress

Here are some tips for securing professional athletic scholarships:

  • Have a friend record you so you have enough material for your highlights video
  • Use social media to keep up with the teams you want to join and learn about important events. Attending events your potential future teammates participate in will allow you to:
    • Analyze their playstyle
    • Show your dedication to joining the team
  • Participate in charity events—you can:
    • Help a good cause
    • Showcase your skills to potential recruiters and talent agents
    • Get your name out there—most events are covered by newspapers, and articles list the names of all participants

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