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Washington State Scholarships—How To Find Them

Washington is one of the more expensive states in the U.S. in terms of tuition fees and cost of living. Whether you are a high school senior, an undergraduate, or a graduate student, Washington State scholarships can help offset the cost of attending school without leaving you under a mountain of debt.

The problem with looking for scholarships is that there are many, but they are spread out across multiple websites. You can cut down the hassle and save time by to get a customized list of scholarships in a few clicks!

Types of Scholarships in Washington State

There are several scholarship opportunities available in Washington. These scholarships are awarded to:

  1. In-state students
  2. Out-of-state students

Scholarships for Washington State Residents

You can apply for one of the following opportunities as a Washington resident:

ARC of Washington Trust Fund Research GrantsVariesGrants and scholarships are provided to researchers, with preference given to those living in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, and British Columbia. Applicants are required to submit a letter of intent and a grant proposal
Celebrate the West High School Art Competition$1,500Scholarships are available to winners of the “Celebrate the West” art competition. Applicants must be high school students or homeschooled students of the same age
Marsden Scholarships$36,000These scholarships are available to residents of Washington state who want to or are attending community colleges in Washington
Washington HECB American Indian Endowed Scholarship$2,000Available to American Indian residents of Washington
Tukwila City of Opportunity Scholarship$5,000These scholarships are awarded to Tukwila City residents enrolled in community colleges, trade schools, and colleges
The State Association of the Daughters of Pioneers of Washington Scholarship$1,500These scholarships are given to two candidates annually who are the female descendants of people who established residence in Washington before 1870
The Washington Thoroughbred Foundation Scholarship$5,000This scholarship is available to Washington residents who want to pursue a career in pre-veterinary medicine (with an emphasis in equine medicine), racetrack management, equine business, or pasture management

Scholarships for Out-of-State Students in Washington

Financial aid opportunities are not limited to in-state students of Washington. There are plenty of scholarships that out-of-state students can apply for, including:

  • Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) Distinguished Cougar Award
  • Cougar Award
  • Crimson Transfer Award
  • Lighty Leadership Award
  • Transfer Wue (Cougar Award For Transfers)

Non-Merit Scholarships in Washington

There are various scholarships available to women, minorities, veterans, military personnel, and international students. Some of these opportunities include:

  • Education Future International Scholarship 2021
  • Abernethy Scholars Program
  • Tain Tompkins Memorial Scholarship
  • David and Maryla Korn Family Scholarship Fund
  • Kappa Scholarship Endowment Fund

How To Apply for Scholarships in the State of Washington

Washington scholarship applications vary based on the institution you are applying to. Almost all programs will require the submission of the FAFSA form, while some can ask for additional paperwork, such as:

  1. Scholarship essays
  2. Letter of recommendation
  3. Resume
  4. Cover letter
  5. Proof of residence
  6. Proof of low income or financial need

Most institutions do not return submitted paperwork. You should be sure to make several copies of each document you submit.

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Finding scholarships can take days, if not weeks. You can skip the hassle entirely and use our app to get a fully customized list of scholarships! Here’s what you have to do:

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FAQ—Scholarships in Washington State

These are a few questions that are frequently asked by aspiring applicants:

  1. How do I submit transcripts for scholarship applications?
  2. How long are scholarship essays?
  3. What can I spend my scholarship on?
  4. Can I lose my scholarship halfway through my program?

How Do I Submit Transcripts During Scholarship Applications?

Most schools require you to upload electronic transcripts. If your school does not provide electronic transcripts, you can scan the original documents and upload them instead.

How Many Words Do I Need To Write in Scholarship Essays?

Most scholarship providers require you to write short essays that range between 300 and 500 words.

What Can I Spend My Scholarship Money On?

Many scholarships offer indirect payments to cover tuition fees. Some organizations may provide funds for books and room and board.

Can I Lose My Scholarship Before My Program Ends?

Yes, you can. Most schools require you to maintain a certain GPA. If your grades drop, chances are you will lose your scholarships.

Some programs only offer part-time or partial scholarships, so your funding will stop when the stated period ends.

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