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Looking For Texas Tech Scholarships? DoNotPay Will Help!

Getting an education at Texas Tech University can cost you from $9,300 (for in-state students) to $19,260 (for out-of-state ones) at minimum. The best way to cover these expenses is to look into Texas Tech scholarships. Gift aid allows you to pay for college without accumulating an overbearing debt.

Our guide will present:

  • Different types of scholarships
  • A procedure for finding the best aid options
  • The application process
  • A nifty tool for discovering and applying for aid within minutes

What Texas Tech Scholarships Are There?

Students who attend Texas Tech can finance their studies through a variety of college scholarships. The types of gift aid you should look into are the following:

  1. General scholarships
  2. Presidential merit scholarships
  3. National merit scholarships
  4. Current students scholarships
  5. Transfer students scholarships
  6. Departmental awards
  7. External scholarships

General Scholarships

Texas Tech incoming students are automatically considered for general scholarships. When you submit your admission application as a high school senior, you become a candidate for the school’s gift aid. Applying for admission early on increases your chance of getting an academic award.

Presidential Merit Scholarships

First-time freshmen can be rewarded for their exceptional academic achievements with a Presidential Merit Award. The amount depends on your high school rank and test score.

The scholarship is annual. One part goes towards the fall and the other for the spring term.

National Merit Scholarships

If Texas Tech University is your first choice and you are a qualifying freshman student, you can get a National Merit Scholarship. This financial aid will cover federally approved expenses such as tuition, fees, books, accommodation, transportation, and allowance.

Current Students Scholarships

Texas Tech made it easy for continuing students to apply for aid. If you are looking for a way to finance your following year at this school, you only need to submit one request. There is a single university application that turns you into a candidate for more than 4,000 internal scholarships.

Transfer Students Scholarships

Students who are transferring to this university are eligible for gift aid as well. Transfer students have two college-based aid opportunities:

Scholarship NameAwardTransferable GPA HoursGPA
Presidential Transfer Scholarship$3,000 per year303.0
Proven Achievers Scholarship$4,000 per year603.5

Departmental Awards

Each college within Texas Tech University has specific scholarships for its students. You can get more information about the aid that your department offers by contacting its staff.

External Scholarships

Internal financial aid isn't your only option. Expand your search to outside donations as well. You can get more money by looking into programs based on your unique characteristics.

Foundations, organizations, companies, philanthropists, and other private funders provide money for students who support their cause in some way. You can be surprised by a variety of external scholarships dedicated to different categories, such as:

WomenVeteransEngineering students
HomeschoolersMinoritiesPeople with anxiety
ChristiansChildren of single parentsCreative writers

How To Find a Texas Tech University Scholarship

There are numerous scholarships in Texas and at your university that you might be eligible for. Where to find these aid options? You need to turn to several sources, including:

  • Texas State financial aid and scholarship office
  • Texas Tech financial aid office
  • Local foundations and organizations
  • Your church
  • Internet

A better and simpler way of surfacing scholarship opportunities is . You can get an overview of all gift aid you are eligible for within minutes. Our app will even include info on requirements, deadlines, and award amounts.

What You Must Know About Texas Tech Scholarship Application

To receive a college scholarship at Texas Tech, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a full-time student
  • Have and maintain a 3.25 GPA or higher
  • Compose a Thank You Letter to the donor
  • Go to a Donor Appreciation breakfast

Certain scholarship programs assess your financial need. To be eligible for those types of aid, you will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. If you are a Texas resident and a non-US citizen, you’ll need the Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA).

You can apply for Texas Tech gift aid by using one of the following methods:

  1. ApplyTexas application
  2. CommonApp
  3. Texas Tech Scholarship website

Outside scholarships usually have their unique procedures, so check on their websites to find out what the requirements and application steps are.

Besides filling out the forms, you might also need to supply the following:

Applying for Texas Tech scholarships comes with a $75 fee. If you are considering several colleges, these additional costs can amount to hundreds of dollars. You might be able to waive the fee if you follow our guide.

Texas Tech Scholarship Deadline

Don’t miss a chance to apply as soon as possible. Check out the table below and find out when you can send your scholarship request to Texas Tech University:

ApplicationOpening Date
ApplyTexas and Coalition ApplicationJuly 1
Common AppAugust 2
Continuing Student Scholarship ApplicationOctober 1
FAFSAOctober 1

In terms of deadlines, these are the dates you need to respect:

Spring Priority ScholarshipNovember 1
Fall Priority ScholarshipDecember 1
Continuing Student ScholarshipFebruary 1
Incoming Freshmen Merit ScholarshipJune 1

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