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How To Get Michigan State Scholarships—Are You Making the Right Moves?

Michigan State University (MSU) is among the top schools in the U.S., but its steep tuition costs are a nightmare for students. With an average yearly education cost of almost $55,000, MSU is 97% more expensive than the country’s average public school.

Michigan State scholarships can support your education funds and minimize student loans, but many students fail to win them because they:

If you’re worried about losing out on the best MSU scholarships, our student-friendly guide will steer you in the right direction!

An Overview of the Michigan State University Scholarships

Michigan State University offers hundreds of scholarships that have different eligibility criteria. Currently, the university offers scholarships for the following categories:

  1. Scholarships earmarked for incoming students
  2. Merit scholarships
  3. Departmental academic scholarships
  4. Criteria-specific scholarships

We have analyzed each of the above options to help you decide which scholarship you should apply for.

Michigan State University Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen

Every year, over 30,000 graduating high school seniors enroll in various undergraduate programs at MSU. Based on students’ residential data, the university offers the following freshmen scholarships:

Scholarship TypeDetails and Examples
In-state freshman scholarshipsThese scholarships are strictly meant for:
  1. Michigan residents from any of the state’s counties
  2. Students graduating from any of Michigan’s recognized public or private schools

Here are some examples:

  • The Honors College STATE Scholarship
  • Yeager Science and Engineering Endowed Scholarship
  • William H. and Eleanor E. Willert Scholarship for Graduates of Dundee High School
Michigan State out-of-state scholarshipsOut-of-state, undocumented, or international students have to pay three times more than in-state learners. To offset these costs, MSU offers dozens of scholarships like:
  • The #YouAreWelcomeHere Scholarship for international students
  • The Professorial Assistantship scholarship for homeschooled students
  • The Red Cedar Scholarship for descendants or dependents of an MSU alumnus living in another state

The college scholarships for incoming students can be partial or full-ride. Currently, the university doesn’t clarify if a newly-admitted student can claim more than one scholarship.

Can Transfer Students Qualify for Freshmen Scholarships at MSU?

Transfer students are not eligible for any of the freshmen scholarships, but they may apply for the following scholarships in their sophomore or junior year:

To qualify for these scholarships, students need to submit the following:

  1. Transcripts from all their previous schools
  2. Required number of recommendation letters
  3. Proof of:
    1. Minimum transferable credit hours
    2. Cumulative GPA of 3.5+

A student can qualify for more than one transfer scholarship at MSU.

Michigan State University Merit Scholarships

Michigan State University offers 15 merit scholarships to students who:

  • Are one of the finalists of a National Merit Scholarship test
  • Name MSU as their first-choice university on the test
  • Display superior performance on other standardized tests

These scholarships are usually renewable every semester and may cover full tuition costs and on-campus boarding and living expenses.

MSU Academic Scholarships Offered by Different Departments

Every school under MSU sets aside certain scholarships for students who perform the best in their chosen major in fields such as:

Departmental scholarships are also open to graduate or doctoral students.

Criteria-Specific Scholarships at Michigan State

Michigan State University has a plethora of scholarships with specific qualifying criteria based on demographics, personal adversity, or minority classification. You can check out some examples in this list:

  • Vernon F. Barker, Sr. Memorial Veterans’ Scholarship
  • Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan's Kathy Lindahl McCheer Off Scholarship for women who cheerlead
  • ROMBA LGBT+ Fellowship
  • The Harold I. Gach Scholarship Endowment for cancer survivors
  • The Kenneth L. and Marla Knas Scholarship for first-generation students
  • The Walter and Phyllis Olin Bielanski Endowed Scholarship for:
    • Disabled students
    • Students from an underrepresented ethnic class—like Hispanics, Filipinos, Indians, Africans, Asians, or Native Americans

The Quickest Way To Run an MSU Scholarship Search

Scanning through the encyclopedia of Michigan State scholarships is a Herculean task, especially for a busy student. Ever since the pandemic, many MSU students have complained of fatigue due to online classes and related assignments, which leaves them with no energy to look or apply for scholarships.

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Many students never apply despite finding lucrative scholarship opportunities because they:

  • Find the application procedure to be exhausting and time-consuming
  • Cannot afford the time to apply for them
  • Think they aren’t good enough to win

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