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Scholarships for Graduate Students in Counseling—A Complete Guide

A degree in counseling opens doors to many employment opportunities, for example:

  • School
  • Hospital
  • Mental health facility
  • Correctional facility
  • Private practice psychology office

Pursuing a career in this noble field can be difficult due to the significant expenses of getting a graduate degree. Luckily, students in graduate schools have numerous scholarship opportunities at their disposal to help them reduce some of the costs.

Learn all you need to know about scholarships for graduate students in counseling in this guide!

Where Can You Find Scholarships for Graduate Students in Counseling?

Check the table below to learn about the resources that can help you find scholarships for graduate students in counseling:

Federal, state, and private non-profit organizationsOrganizations and associations that are—along with schools—typical benefactors of scholarships offer up-to-date information about their scholarship programs. You might have to become a member to access information and apply for awards
SchoolsPsychology schools with counseling programs typically have at least one award dedicated to that field. Contact your school’s financial aid department to ask about the available opportunities
Online search toolsStudents who use online search engines to look for scholarships for graduate students in counseling will notice that those scholarships often overlap with awards for other psychology subdisciplines. Scholarship frauds are also not uncommon on some scholarship search websites

Are you having trouble finding suitable scholarships with these resources? ! Tell us about your field and level of study, and receive an extensive list of scholarships and grants catering to your educational and financial needs in a matter of moments!

Scholarships for Graduate Students in Counseling You Should Apply For

Depending on your qualifications and specialization, you can opt for the following types of scholarships for graduate students in counseling:

  1. School counseling scholarships
  2. Scholarships for female graduate students in counseling
  3. Scholarships for mental health counseling programs
  4. Holistic psychology school scholarships
  5. General scholarships and fellowships for psychology graduates

School Counseling Scholarships

Graduate students specializing in school counseling can apply for the following scholarships:

  • The University of Texas at Austin—Bess Heflin Fellowship—Provides $30,000, health insurance, and a stipend equal to the cost of in-state tuition
  • Winston Churchill Foundation of the United States—Churchill Scholarship—Offers around $60,000 to students pursuing a graduate degree in one of the select 100+ colleges and universities

Scholarships for Female Graduate Students in Counseling

Women belonging to minority groups can apply for the Female Graduate Students in Counseling Scholarships and receive up to $2,500. Another option for female graduate students is to apply for more general psychology scholarships that reward students of various subdisciplines.

Scholarships for Mental Health Counseling Programs

Some of the most popular scholarships for graduate students attending mental health counseling programs include:

  • NBCFF Minority Fellowship Program
  • Services for Transition Age Youth Fellowship
  • Violet and Cyril Franks Scholarship
  • Melanie Merola O'Donnell Memorial Scholarship
  • David H. and Beverly A. Barlow Grant
  • Services for Transition Age Youth Fellowship

Holistic Psychology School Scholarships

The most famous holistic psychology school scholarship is the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology Scholarship. The scholarship provides $1,000 per quarter for a maximum of three quarters to students pursuing a career or conducting research on transpersonal psychology—a holistic approach to traditional psychotherapy.

General Scholarships for Psychology Graduates

Check out the table below to learn about scholarships for students focused on various subdisciplines of psychology:

Master’s Degree Scholarship in Psychology and CounselingStudents must be pursuing a master’s in:
  • Psychology
  • Counseling
  • Mental health counseling
  • Clinical psychology
Pride Foundation ScholarshipApplicants must be part of the LGBTQ+ community$10,000
Davis-Putter Scholarship FundStudents must be active participants in social movements in the U.S.Up to $15,000

How To Apply for Scholarships for Graduate Students in Counseling

Depending on the requirements of the particular scholarship you’re competing for, you might have to take the following steps to apply for scholarships for graduate students in counseling:

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