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A Rundown on Scholarships for Male Nurses

Due to a critical nationwide shortage of nurses, many organizations and institutions in the U.S. are doing everything they can to encourage more students to pursue a nursing career. Scholarships for nursing students of all levels—from undergraduate to graduate and professional—are essential for nursing students, especially as the expense of college continues to rise.

Unlike women, men are less likely to select nursing as a career, but generous scholarships for male nurses might make them reconsider.

How To Find Male Nursing Scholarships

Scholarships for male nurses are provided by:

  1. Federal and state governments
  2. Colleges and universities
  3. Professional nursing organizations
  4. The United States Military

You can look for male nursing scholarships by contacting all four sources directly or entering scholarships for male nurses into your favorite search engine. Both methods will require patience and enough free time.

Male high school seniors interested in obtaining a nursing degree should know that male-only nursing scholarships are not their only option. Many scholarships are available to minorities of all genders, such as:

If you’re a male student wishing to apply for a nursing scholarship but you’re too busy or don’t want to take this difficult task upon yourself, don’t worry—there is another solution. and leave everything to us. We will match you with all scholarships you qualify for within minutes.

How To Apply for a Scholarship for Male Nurses

Nowadays, applications for most scholarships are submitted online. If you are applying for a federal scholarship or grant, you will have to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The financial aid offer you receive depends on the financial information you provide in the FAFSA.

Filling out online forms is not enough to apply for most scholarships, including the ones for male nurses. In most cases, you are required to submit the following documents:

  1. The official transcript of your grades
  2. Your GPA score
  3. A short scholarship essay
  4. A few letters of recommendation
  5. A resume

Each scholarship has its own requirements and deadlines you should check before applying.

Who Can Apply for Scholarships for Male Nurses?

Here are some general eligibility requirements for male students wishing to apply for a nursing scholarship:

  • Boasting good academic standing at the time of application
  • Being enrolled full-time in a nursing program
  • Possessing a nursing license
  • Residing in the U.S. legally

Consider joining one of the professional nursing organizations as many of them offer financial aid for student members. If you are an international student, keep in mind that you won’t be able to apply for male nursing scholarships.

What Are Some of the Best Scholarships for Male Nursing Students?

The most visible organization advocating for men in nursing in the U.S. is the American Association for Men in Nursing (AAMN). The best scholarships for male nurses administered by this and some other organizations are listed in the table below:

ScholarshipsAward AmountWho Can Apply?
Men in Nursing Scholarship AwardVariesMale members of the Great Nurse Foundation who are enrolled in a nursing school
Breaking Barriers: Scholarship for Men in Nursing$500Men enrolled in an accredited nursing program, having a grade point average of at least 3.5
AAMN Foundation Student Nurse Essay Content$500–$1,000Graduate and undergraduate nursing students who are AAMN members and study in an accredited program
Army Nurse Corps Association Scholarships$3,000Students who have served or are currently serving in the U.S. Army and are enrolled in accredited undergraduate or graduate nursing programs
Foundation of the National Student Nurses Association (FNSNA) ScholarshipsUp to $7,500 per yearEnrolled undergraduate nursing students all across the U.S.
National Black Nurses Association, Inc. Scholarships$1,000 to $5,000Students identifying as black who are members of the National Black Nurses Association (NBNA). They must be enrolled in an accredited nursing school and be in good academic standing
Philippine Nurses Association of America Scholarship$1,00Graduate students working toward a master’s or doctoral degree in nursing. They must be members of the Philippine Nurses Association of America, Inc., and have a GPA of at least 3.0
Hector Gonzalez Past Presidents Scholarship$2,000Students enrolled in a two-year associate degree in nursing

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