How To Find a Military Medical School Scholarship

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All the Essential Details About a Military Medical School Scholarship

Are you considering medicine as your career choice? The first step towards this noble profession is to get the necessary education.

More than 70% of medical school students carry debt. If you are interested in joining the military and want to avoid debt, consider a military medical school scholarship. This type of aid doesn’t need to be repaid, so you can cover the expenses stress-free.

What many students struggle with is finding programs that are right for them. You may also wonder where to find such scholarships and how to apply. The good news is that DoNotPay has all the answers.

Our guide will tell you everything you need to know about securing free money for med school through military services.

The Best Military Med School Scholarships

In terms of military medical scholarships, these are the programs you must know about:

  1. The Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) military scholarships
  2. Navy medical school scholarship
  3. Army medical school scholarship
  4. Air force medical school scholarship
  5. The U.S. Department of Veterans medical school scholarship

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The HPSP Military Scholarships

The purpose of the Health Professions Scholarship Program is to finance navy, army, and air force medical students—both future and current ones. You can receive a military scholarship for two, three, or four years.

The funds you get will cover:

  • Medical school tuition
  • Fees
  • Monthly living expenses

For the HPSP scholarship program, you need to meet specific requirements. The criteria you need to satisfy are:

AgeCitizenshipGrade-Point Average (GPA) and Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) ScoresOther
  • Minimum—18 or 17 with parental consent
  • Maximum—36 or 42 for the navy
Must be a U.S. citizen
  • GPA—3.0 or higher
  • MCAT—500 or higher
  • Demonstrate leadership
  • Pass a security investigation
  • Pass a physical test
  • Demonstrate high moral standards

Interested in a Navy Medical School Scholarship?

If you join the navy and you are studying medicine—or plan to—you can get a scholarship through the HPSP. The program is for students enrolled in:

  • Medical school
  • Dental school
  • Qualifying health-care-related postgraduate programs

The scholarship includes:

  • Full tuition coverage
  • Monthly stipend exceeding $2,300
  • Signing bonus of $20,000 for those who commit to serving as a naval physician for three or four years

There is also the Navy Health Services Collegiate Program (HSCP) for medical students. The award goes from $157,000 to $269,000 for the time you attend medical school. The scholarship includes:

  • Monthly military salary
  • Housing allowance
  • Healthcare benefits package

Interested in an Army Medical School Scholarship?

The HPSP has the F. Edward Hébert Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program for active duty army members. You have to be a U.S. citizen and have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited school to be considered as a candidate.

The aid is designed to cover expenses in the following fields of medicine:

  • Medical/Osteopathy
  • Dental
  • Veterinarian
  • Qualifying specialty nurse
  • Counseling/clinical psychology
  • Optometry

What you’ll get if you receive this scholarship is:

  • Full tuition coverage
  • Funds for books, equipment, and other fees
  • $2,400 or more monthly stipend
  • $20,000 sign-on bonus
  • Officer's pay during school breaks
  • Regular monthly allowance for food and accommodation

Note that you are obliged to serve in the U.S. Army one year for every year you got the F. Edward Hébert Armed Forces scholarship.

Interested in an Air Force Medical School Scholarship?

Medical students who are willing to join the air force can receive the HPSP aid as well. You can get a three- or four-year scholarship.

The aid will cover:

  • Full tuition and other fees
  • Education costs—such as textbooks, supplies, small equipment items, and similar
  • Living expenses

While in the program, you need to be 45 days on active duty in the air force. After you graduate, you must serve one year for each year of scholarship you’ve received. The minimum years of serving are three.

Interested in the U.S. Department of Veterans Medical School Scholarship?

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) teamed up with the HPSP to provide gift aid for med students who want to serve in a VA facility and care for America’s veterans. The institution offers 50 and more scholarships per year.

The financial assistance can last from one to four years. Once you graduate and finish residency, you can join the VA team full-time.

You can expect the following:

  • Financial support for tuition
  • Monthly stipend
  • Fee coverage
  • Money for books, equipment, and other medical school costs

The key requirements you need to meet are:

  • Be a U.S. citizen (veterans have an advantage)
  • Be enrolled in a medical school
  • Maintain acceptable academic progress
  • Complete residency training in a VA specialty
  • Serve for 18 months at a VA facility for every year of scholarship support

Application Process for a Military Scholarship for Medical School

Here are some important tips for applying for military med school scholarships:

  • Start preparing for the test that determines whether you are eligible to join the military
  • Gather test scores, transcripts, and letters of recommendation
  • Apply for programs when applying for medical school—early deadlines can give you an upper hand
  • Fill out an application for every service that you are interested in
  • Reach out to a recruiter to schedule a preliminary interview

If you are a military child or spouse, you should inquire whether you’ll have an advantage for certain programs.

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