Find Scholarships for Second-Degree Students Without Breaking a Sweat

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A Quick Guide to Finding Scholarships for Second-Degree Students

Not interested in going to grad school? Pursuing a second bachelor’s degree may be a better option than going for a master’s degree—it’s less expensive and allows a career change. You can make this journey even less expensive by applying for financial aid, but note that you’ll only be eligible for a limited number of programs.

Take a few minutes to read this comprehensive guide and find out everything you need to know about applying for scholarships for second-degree students.

Financial Aid for Second Bachelor’s Degree Explained

The only federal scholarships you can apply for as a second-degree student are:

  1. Federal Loans
    1. Federal Stafford Loans
    2. Federal Perkins Loans
    3. PLUS Loans
  2. Federal Work-Study—mostly on-campus jobs

If you obtained a bachelor’s degree from a foreign or non-accredited college, you’re not eligible for federal aid. If an institution judges that the foreign degree is not equivalent to a U.S. bachelor's degree, it might make an exception.

Your federal financial aid options may be limited, but you can still try other sources. Pursuing a second bachelor’s degree doesn't significantly affect your eligibility for most scholarships awarded by private organizations and companies. You might also still be eligible for some need-based aid.

When it comes to universities and scholarships they provide, most of them are available only to new students. Note that some schools offer reduced tuition to unemployed alumni, so make sure to check if this option exists at your alma mater.

What Are Some of the Best Scholarships for Second-Degree Students?

Here are some of the best scholarships for the second bachelor’s degree, along with award amounts and eligibility requirements:

ScholarshipsAward Amount Who Can Apply?
Imagine America$1,000Adults who choose to improve themselves by schooling and aspire to work in a trade career
North Park University Second-Degree Merit Scholarships$9,000 per yearAwarded to students who have already received a bachelor’s degree with a minimum college GPA of 2.75 (out of 4.0).

Students must be enrolled full-time to receive this scholarship

Return2College Scholarships$1,000Adults of any age who are completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree

Other Scholarships

You can obtain funding for second-degree studies depending on the unique categories you may belong to, so make sure you organize your search accordingly. Some of the scholarships you may want to consider are the ones for:

Where Can I Find Scholarships for Second Bachelor Degree Students?

Finding scholarships is difficult when you are no longer a high school senior. What you should do first is contact the university you are applying to and get informed about scholarships and grants it offers to enrolled students.

Another way to look for scholarships is to search the internet, but this will take a lot of time and patience. Scholarship lists on different websites may be incomplete or outdated.

Assuming you’re employed, you could also check with your employer if they are willing to pay a portion of your tuition—especially if your degree will benefit your current position.

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How To Apply for Scholarships for Second Bachelor’s Degree

Applying for non-traditional, second-degree scholarships isn’t much different than applying for traditional scholarships. In most cases, you’ll have to:

  • Fill out an online form
  • Submit an official college transcript showing the bachelor’s degree and your GPA score
  • Write a scholarship essay
  • Deliver a letter of recommendation
  • Attach your resume
  • Pay an application fee

If you want to get a second bachelor's degree from the same school where you got your first, you may have to fill out a readmission application.

Scholarship applications must be submitted within a certain deadline set by each college, school, or institution. To avoid being late and losing the necessary financial aid, check the deadlines as soon as possible.

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