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Gift Card Cash Back

Can You Return Gift Cards for Cash Without Breaking a Sweat?

If you have come across an old gift card that you don’t plan to use in a store anymore, you may have come up with the idea to throw it away. Don’t do it—there are still various ways to put it to good use if it has a few dollars left. Can you return gift cards for cash? What are some alternative . . .
Gift Card Cash Back

Get the Lowdown on the Gift Card Laws by State

The rules and regulations regarding the money on your gift cards differ depending on the part of the country you live in. DoNotPay will dissect the gift card laws by state so that you have a clear picture of the topic. Our app can also help you get cash back from the cards in a few easy steps! Common . . .
Gift Card Cash Back

How To Get Free Gift Cards—An Ultimate Guide

Gift cards are a great way to make someone happy and ensure they can get themselves whatever they want. Buying the wrong present is disappointing for both parties. But what if you are short of money? Worry not because DoNotPay knows a way around it. We will explain how to get free gift cards easily and . . .
Gift Card Cash Back

How To Sell Gift Cards for Cash Quickly Near Me

Getting a gift card for your birthday or any other special occasion can be fun, provided that the card is in sync with your taste. Did you receive a gift card from a retailer you don’t like? Did you win a card as a reward for completing a survey but don’t think you’ll use it? Regardless of the . . .
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⭐ Gift Card Exchange—Trade Your Gift Card for Cash Stress-Free

Receiving a gift card from your favorite store is exciting since you might have already had your eye on a few items. While your close friends and family members probably know you w . . .
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How Legit Is CardCash? Does It Actually Work?

It happens all the time. You use a gift card and there is still a couple of bucks left on it. What do you do with that balance? Usually, it seems like it is too much hassle to use it, so it either gets thrown in the trash or the back of the junk drawer. That's why multiple companies will buy back . . .

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The Gift Card Refund Law Explained in Detail

Do you have a used gift card with a couple of dollars left on it? Do you have trouble spending the remaining funds? You’re not the only one. Most people find it hard to throw away gift cards and certificates when there’s still $2 or $3 left. It can also be difficult to spend that amount if the retailer . . .

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