How To Perform an IPIC Gift Card Balance Check Fast and Easy

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IPIC Gift Card Balance Check Explained by DoNotPay

Do you have a used IPIC theaters gift card that you forgot about? Want to check how much money you have left on it? Turn to DoNotPay for professional assistance!

We’ll show you how to do an IPIC gift card balance check and get cash for your card swiftly.

What Are IPIC Gift Cards?

IPIC gift cards can be used for purchasing tickets, food, and beverages at IPIC theaters all over the country. They only come in physical form and can be loaded with any amount between $25 and $500.

How To Check Your Remaining IPIC Gift Card Balance the Hard Way

IPIC offers a few ways to check the remaining balance on its gift card. Turn to the table below to see your options:

Balance Check MethodDetails
OnlineGo to the company’s website and:
  1. Click on the slide-out menu on the right side of the screen
  2. Type in Gift card balance in the search bar
  3. Find the How do I check my gift card balance? FAQ section
  4. Click on Check Balance
  5. Enter your gift card number
  6. Complete the Captcha
  7. Hit on Check Balance
In personUse the IPIC Locator, and:
  1. Visit a theater near you
  2. Give your gift card to an IPIC representative
  3. Inquire about your remaining funds
Via phoneDial 630-378-8035 and:
  1. Tell the customer service representative your gift card number
  2. Ask them to check your remaining balance

The Most Effective Way of Performing an IPIC Gift Card Balance Check Is With DoNotPay

Checking your IPIC gift card balance doesn’t mean that you have to deal with their customer service or waste time navigating the company’s website.

You can always turn to DoNotPay for help! We’ve developed a feature that turns the process of performing balance checks into a piece of cake. Here’s the drill:

  1. Select the Check Gift Card Balance
  2. Upload photos of both sides of your gift card
  3. Give us your email address

We will contact IPIC immediately and check if you have any remaining balance on your card. Why do it yourself when you can leave all the work for us? DoNotPay can also help you check the balance on gift cards from other companies, such as:

How To Use Your Remaining IPIC Gift Card Balance

Once you’ve checked your IPIC gift card balance, you’ll probably want to know how to use it. You can:

  1. Spend the remaining balance
  2. Exchange the gift card
  3. Sell your gift card online
  4. Get your cash back with DoNotPay

How To Spend Your Remaining IPIC Gift Card Balance

If you have enough money on your IPIC gift card, you can spend it in one of their theaters or treat a loved one with a movie ticket!

IPIC gift cards don’t expire, so if the movie you want to see is not playing right now, you can hold onto your card for as long as you want.

Exchanging Your IPIC Gift Card

Find a gift card exchange kiosk near you and convert your gift card to cash. Keep in mind that you’ll only receive a small amount of the remaining balance.

Sell Your IPIC Gift Card Online

In case you’re patient enough and content with getting around 80% of your remaining balance, you can sell your card online. Either:

  • List it for sale on a marketplace—Visit Craigslist, eBay, or Facebook marketplace and put your used gift card up for sale. You’ll have to wait for the potential buyer and pay for the shipping fees
  • Sell it to a reseller website—Find a reseller website and sell your gift card for cash quickly

Get Cash Back for Your IPIC Gift Card With DoNotPay

Depending on your state’s laws regarding gift cards, you might be able to get cash for your gift card. If you live in Puerto Rico or one of the 11 U.S. cash back states, you can contact your local IPIC theatre, explain the state law to an employee, and ask for a gift card cash back.

Do you really want to waste time explaining cash back rules to a customer service rep? There is a simpler way to get your money back!

Our Gift Card Cash Back product allows you to claim money for your gift card regardless of your place of residency!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Select the Gift Card Cash Back feature
  2. Give us details about your gift card, including:
    1. The date it was issued
    2. Where you bought it
    3. Card number
  3. Click on Sign and Submit

We’ll send your request to an IPIC office located in a cash back state. Expect to receive your money via mail within two weeks.

Check out DoNotPay’s learning database and discover how to get free gift cards or return gift cards for cash!

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