What Is Gift Card Granny? Is It Legit? Does It Actually Work?

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What Is Gift Card Granny? Is It Legit? Does It Actually Work?

If you find yourself asking "," rest assured that you are not alone. It can be hard to tell if a website or service is legitimate when there are so many scams and financial fraud schemes around, particularly ones that involve gift cards. Doing your research is the best way to protect yourself from fraudulent websites, and that is why DoNotPay has created this guide to understanding Gift Card Granny.

What Is Gift Card Granny?

Gift Card Granny is based outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was founded in 2009, and is an online discount gift card retailer. Gift Card Granny allows users to search for, compare, and buy gift cards at a discounted price. Users can also find places to sell their gift cards below face value to recoup some of their value. Some of the different services and products you can find include:

  • eGift Cards and/or Plastic gift cards
  • Customized Photo Gift Cards
  • Customized Logo Gift Cards
  • Bulk Gift Card Purchases for Small Businesses (1-50 gift cards)
  • Corporate and Large Orders (50+ gift cards)
  • Gift Cards for 1,000s of brands, such as Visa, MasterCard, Walmart, Xbox, CVS, DoorDash, Williams Sonoma, Best Buy, and many more
  • Gift cards purchases either have a guaranteed discount or will earn you cash back

Is Gift Card Granny Legit?

Gift Card Granny is a legitimate website and service. Gift Card Granny has been a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business since 2019 and they currently have an A rating.

Gift Card Granny About PageAbout Page

Find out more about Gift Card Granny's mission, history, and partners.

Gift Card Granny Help CenterHelp Center

In the help center you can use a search bar or learn more through the following categories:

  • Activate, Balance and Register
  • PIN Set or Change
  • Purchases Online & In-Store
  • Purchases at Gas Stations
  • Card Declined
  • Questions about My Order
  • Lost or Stolen Card
  • General Questions

How Much Does Gift Card Granny Cost?

Gift Card Granny does not cost users anything. There are no account fees, transaction fees, subscriptions, or additional costs associated with using Gift Card Granny.

When you sell gift cards, you will not get 100% of their face value, so that is the only money or cost associated with your transactions.

What Are the Benefits of Using Gift Card Granny?

Depending on your business needs or personal needs, there may be many benefits to using Gift Card Granny for your gift card purchases.

  1. The website is user-friendly, but there is also an app for on-the-go shopping and comparisons (apps are available in the App Store and Google Play).
  2. There is a guaranteed discount or cash back option, which means you should save on every purchase you make.
  3. There is a wide selection of brands/stores to choose from, so you can find something for everyone on your list.
  4. It can help you find ways to sell your gift cards, which means you can make a little money back from gift cards you may otherwise never use.
  5. Businesses can buy gift cards in bulk, which can be a great way to reward employees or clients or to give as gifts.
  6. There are creative, personalized options available.

Get Gift Card Help From DoNotPay the Easy Way

At DoNotPay, we understand that sometimes gift cards pile up or get set aside for a while, and then you accidentally forget how much money is on them. We also know it can be a tedious and time-consuming process to manually check all of your gift card balances at various companies. You have to type in every digit and if you mistype, you have to start over. Then go to another website to check other cards, and repeat until you've gone through your stack of cards.

Do you need an easier way to check gift card balances? If so, DoNotPay is here with a simple solution for you. You can check any of your gift card balances right here, right now, with DoNotPay.

There are only two simple steps to checking your gift card balances:

  1. Log-in to your DoNotPay account and search for “Gift Card”.


  2. Upload a photo of the front and back of your gift card.


That's all. We will quickly get back to you with the remaining balance.

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