The Best Ways To Score Cash for Gift Cards in Phoenix

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Get Cash for Gift Cards in Phoenix or Any Other City in the U.S.!

Are you looking for extra cash? Used gift cards are often not entirely spent, and you can get a few bucks from them hassle-free. You must check the remaining balance first and see if the card is worth something.

In case it is, we can help you get cash for gift cards in Phoenix or any other place in Arizona. With DoNotPay, you’ll have your gift card money in a flash!

The Types of Gift Cards in Phoenix and How They Are Used

You can retrieve cash from gift cards whether they are:

  • E-gift cards, also known as digital or online cards
  • Physical or plastic gift cards

While some cards can be reloaded, most cards are one-time-use only, meaning they can’t be loaded with any extra cash.

The balance on the gift card can be used to buy various products or services. You don’t have to use the full amount right away, and that’s why there’s often leftover cash on gift cards. Usually, the remaining amount can’t get you anything at the store in question, but you shouldn’t let that money go to waste.

DoNotPay can help you cash in your gift card and retrieve up to $10 per card!

How To Check the Remaining Gift Card Balance Yourself

Getting cash for gift cards in Phoenix is easy once you know how much you have left on the card. Some gift cards can expire, but most of them can be used at any time, and people tend to forget about them quickly after the first use.

You should check your drawers for misplaced gift cards and see how much they are worth. The following methods lay at your disposal for checking the remaining balance:

  • Calling the company’s customer service telephone line
  • Visiting a store and asking the cashier or any employee to help you
  • Using DoNotPay

Check the Remaining Gift Card Balance in Three Minutes With DoNotPay

If you wish to check the remaining balance with DoNotpay, all you need to do is:

  1. Type in Check Gift Card Balance
  2. Upload photos of both sides of your gift card
  3. Enter your email address

We will contact the card provider, see if you have any remaining balance on your card, and let you know right away.

We can help you check the balance on gift cards from various companies, such as:

How To Get Cash for Gift Cards in Phoenix

You can in Phoenix in one of the following ways:

Methods for Cashing in Gift CardsHow They Work
Return your gift card to the storeYou can bring your gift card back to certain companies, and they will give you cash for it. Note that most vendors don’t allow these gift card returns
Sell your card at a gift card kioskThere are many gift card kiosks in Phoenix. They are usually located in grocery stores and malls. You can take your card to one of the kiosks and see how much you’ll get for it
Sell your gift card onlineMany websites buy and sell gift cards. Use caution in dealing with those because they can underpay you
Exchange gift cards onlineMost of the mentioned gift card trading websites also offer gift card exchange. You can get a different brand gift card, but it will usually have less cash on it than your original card

DoNotPay Offers the Best Way To Get Your Remaining Gift Card Money!

You’ll quickly realize that most of the gift card exchange or trade websites and kiosks offer bad deals—e.g., they give you up to 80% of your money back if they are generous. DoNotPay can request all of your remaining money back in a few minutes if you:

  1. Click on the Gift Card Cash Back feature
  2. Type in the details about your gift card

We’ll send the request to the vendor in question, and after they process it, you should have your money back by mail within two weeks.

Even though Arizona is not one of the cash back U.S. territories, our request will be directed to one of the store locations that allow cash back on gift cards. These territories include Puerto Rico and the following states:

  • New Jersey
  • Maine
  • Connecticut
  • Colorado
  • California
  • Vermont
  • Washington
  • Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island
  • Montana
  • Oregon

DoNotPay is always happy to help Phoenicians, whether it’s with getting passport photos, finding a mobile notary, teaching you how to get free gift cards, or checking your gift card balance.

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