Hot Topic—Check Your Gift Card Balance and Get Money for It

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Hot Topic—Check Your Gift Card Balance and Turn It Into Money With DoNotPay

Not a fan of Hot Topic? Check your gift card balance because there are ways you can get cash for it! The task can be tricky—that’s why DoNotPay is here to save the day!

We will show you the ins and outs of Hot Topic gift cards and how to convert your gift card to cash the easy way.

What Is a Hot Topic Gift Card?

Hot Topic gift cards can be used for purchasing various pop culture-inspired merchandise at the company’s 675 stores. They come in both physical and electronic forms and can have up to $500 loaded on them.

How To Check Your Hot Topic Gift Card Balance

Want to check your Hot Topic gift card balance to see how much money you’re working with? Check out the table below to see how you can do it:

Balance Check MethodDetails
OnlineGo to the official Hot Topic website and:
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  2. Find the Gift Cards section in the lower-left corner of the screen
  3. Enter your gift card number
  4. Complete the captcha and click on Check Balance
In personFind the nearest Hot Topic store using the locator and:
  1. Visit a nearby Hot Topic store
  2. Give your gift card to the employee at the cash register
  3. Ask them to check your remaining gift card balance
Via phoneReach the Hot Topic customer support by calling 1-800-892-8674 and:
  1. Tell them your gift card number
  2. Inquire about the remaining funds on your Hot Topic gift card
Access our Check Gift Card Balance feature and upload a photo of your gift card from the front and back.

We’ll reach out to Hot Topic and check your gift card balance in no time

Various Ways You Can Use Your Remaining Hot Topic Gift Card Balance

Now that you’ve checked your Hot Topic gift card balance, you can start planning how you’re going to use it and turn it into cash. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Buy Hot Topic merchandise
  2. Sell the gift card online
  3. Visit a gift card exchange kiosk
  4. Trade your gift card

Buying Hot Topic Merchandise

Have a teen family member? Surprise them with some merch from Hot Topic. The company has various pop culture-related items, such as:

  • Clothing with motifs from movies
  • Various video game figurines
  • Accessories influenced by TV shows
  • Merchandise from numerous bands
  • All sorts of posters

If you don’t have enough money on your used gift card for a purchase, you can always wait for a sale as Hot Topic gift cards don’t expire.

Selling the Gift Card Online

Visit a gift card reseller website and sell your gift card for cash quickly. Note that they will only pay you a small sum of the amount that’s on your gift card.

Visiting a Gift Card Exchange Kiosk

Find a gift card exchange kiosk in your area, insert your card into the machine, and get a percentage of your remaining balance back.

Trading Your Gift Card

Not thrilled with your Hot Topic gift card? Why not trade it for a different one? Numerous websites deal with gift card exchange. They will accept your card and give you one issued by another company. Keep in mind that you might not receive a gift card of the same value.

Can You Redeem Your Hot Topic Gift Card Balance for Cash?

Hot Topic gift cards are redeemable for cash in some states, but the amount of money you can get depends on the state you live in. For example, in California, you can get $10 for your Hot Topic gift card, while in Colorado, you can claim $5.

To redeem your Hot Topic gift card for cash, you will have to explain the law to a customer support rep or a cashier at one of the company’s stores. An easier option is to . With our Gift Card Cash Back product, you leave all the explaining to us.

Redeeming a Hot Topic Gift Card for Cash With DoNotPay Is Easy as Pie

Want to redeem your Hot Topic gift card without having to deal with customer support? Use DoNotPay! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Select the Gift Card Cash Back product
  2. Enter the necessary gift card information, such as:
    1. Gift card number
    2. The state where your card was issued
    3. The remaining balance
  3. Click on Submit

We’ll send Hot Topic a cash back request in your stead, and you’ll receive your money within two weeks.

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