How To Sell Gift Cards for Cash Quickly Near Me

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Where Can I Sell Gift Cards for Cash Quickly Near Me?

Getting a gift card for your birthday or any other special occasion can be fun, provided that the card is in sync with your taste. Did you receive a gift card from a retailer you don’t like? Did you win a card as a reward for completing a survey but don’t think you’ll use it? Regardless of the situation, you should consider exchanging the unwanted gift card for cash to avoid having it go to waste.

If you’re wondering, “where can I sell gift cards for cash quickly near me,” our guide will provide the answer! to learn all about gift card exchange methods. We will also help you file a cashback request for the remaining money on your half-used gift card from Disney, Amazon, Victoria’s Secret, or any other company.

Can I Sell Gift Cards for Cash?

Receiving a gift card you know you won’t use doesn’t mean that the card has to collect dust at the bottom of your drawer.

Most people choose to sell their gift cards for cash, either online or in person. While this method is the most popular one, you should know that you probably won’t get 100% of the card’s value. While selling the card can be a good solution, this doesn’t have to be your only option.

Here’s what you can do to make use of the card:

What To DoDescription
Exchange the card for another oneThere are many online platforms that enable you to trade your gift card for another one. Since some of these websites are shady, make sure to do thorough research before you decide which platform to register for
Return the card to the retailerSome shops accept gift card returns and provide reimbursement
Gift the card to someone who’d use itIf you know that one of your friends or family members likes the retailer in question, you should consider giving the card to him or her. In that way, you won’t have to spend money on a new present, and the gift card won’t go to waste

Can I Sell Used Gift Cards or Get Cash Back?

Yes! Even if you used a gift card to purchase an item or two, you can sell it for cash, especially if there is still a lot of money on the card’s balance.

If the remaining balance is only a few dollars and you can’t purchase anything else with it, you probably won’t be able to sell it. You should contact the store and request cash back instead.

The law in some states dictates that retailers must give back the money when a gift card that’s under a certain balance. The balance limit varies from state to state. California currently has the highest limit—$10 per gift card.

Where Can I Sell Gift Cards for Cash in Person?

Whether you want to sell an unused or a half-used gift card, one of the options you have is to head over to the closest:

  • Gift card exchange kiosk
  • Office or store of the retailer in question
  • Target
  • Walmart

While this method enables you to get your money back immediately, the entire process can be rather tedious. Besides having to search for the closest store location on Google, you’ll also have to spend hours:

  1. Driving to the store or kiosk
  2. Waiting in lines
  3. Completing the required paperwork

Another drawback is that you’ll probably have to provide a receipt as proof of purchase if you choose to go to the retailer directly.

How To Exchange Gift Cards for Cash Online

Don’t feel like wasting your time selling your gift card in person? You can register for an online platform that enables you to exchange your card for another one or for cash.

Note that this method takes more time since you will have to wait for the payment to be processed or for your check to come via mail.

Since there are many gift card cash back websites out there, you should find out as much as possible about each of them to make an informed decision. Some platforms offer better payouts and charge lower fees than others.

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Get Your Gift Card Money Back in Three Minutes With DoNotPay

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To send your cashback request with ease, do the following:

  1. Pick our Gift Card Cash Back feature
  2. Provide the required information

Once you complete these steps, DoNotPay will:

  1. Check whether the state you live in has a cashback policy or whether the retailer in question has an office in a state with this policy
  2. Send the request to the retailer

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