How To Check Your Landry’s Gift Card Balance in an Instant

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A Complete Guide on How To Check Your Landry’s Gift Card Balance

Do you have a used gift card from Landry’s somewhere in your home? This guide will help you learn how to check your Landry’s gift card balance in a few simple steps!

You will also find out how to use the remaining balance on your gift card and whether you can return it for cash!

All You Need To Know About Landry’s Gift Cards

Landry’s gift cards are a great gift for close friends and family members since there are over 600 different locations—such as hotels, restaurants, and casinos—where you can redeem them.

Currently, Landry’s offers two types of gift cards:

  • Physical gift cards
  • e-Gift cards

They come in a variety of designs, but if none of the premade ones appeal to you, you can upload and use your own photo of choice as well.

All Landry’s gift cards come in fixed deposit amounts of:

  • $25
  • $50
  • $100
  • $250

If you pay an additional $3.99, you can ship your Landry’s gift card in a decorative box.

How To Check Your Landry’s Gift Card Balance

Want to check your Landry’s gift card balance? You can do so in three ways:

  1. Online
  2. Via phone
  3. Using DoNotPay

Check Your Landry’s Gift Card Balance Online

To check the remaining balance on your Landry’s gift card online:

  1. Visit the Landry’s homepage
  2. Click on the Gift Cards tab located on the right side of the page
  3. Scroll down and click on the Check Gift Card Balance button
  4. Enter the gift card number and click on the Check Balance button

How To Check Your Landry’s Gift Card Balance via Phone

Follow these steps to check your Landry’s gift card balance via phone:

  1. Prepare your gift card number beforehand
  2. Dial 888-345-8380
  3. Ask the representative to check the remaining balance of your gift card

Check Your Landry’s Gift Card Balance Using DoNotPay

Do you find the process of checking your Landry’s gift card balance too tedious? Follow these steps to perform a Landry’s gift card balance check with no fuss:

  1. Open the Check Gift Card Balance product
  2. Provide a clear image of your Landry’s gift card

When you submit your request, we will contact Landry’s to find out how much money you have left on your card and notify you as soon as the company gets back to us.

What Can You Do With the Leftover Money on Your Landry’s Gift Card?

If you found some leftover money on your Landry’s gift card, you can:

  • Dine, game, or reside at a Landry’s location—You can redeem your Landry’s gift card at many different locations
  • Exchange the gift card—Landry offers a service that you can use to exchange gift cards from over 200 merchants for a Landry e-Gift card. You can also exchange your gift card on various websites and at exchange kiosks, but such platforms can be fraudulent, and kiosks may be hard to find
  • Give your gift card to someone as a present—You can always give your gift card to someone, especially if there is a lot of money left on it and you don’t intend to use it
  • Sell the gift card for cash—This option is tempting, but if you want to sell your gift card, keep in mind that you will never get the full worth of the card back

Can I Get Cash Back for My Landry’s Gift Card?

You can get cash back for your gift card in one of the 11 states that allow so, plus Puerto Rico. Here is a list of all the locations with the cash back policy and the limits:

  • $1—Vermont and Rhode Island
  • $3—Connecticut
  • $5—Maine, Oregon, Missouri, Colorado, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Puerto Rico, and Washington
  • $10—California

With DoNotPay, it doesn’t matter where you are because we can help you turn your gift card into cash in a jiffy.

Check Landry’s Gift Card Balance—Get Your Cash Back With DoNotPay

When your Landry’s gift card has some money left on it, but it’s too little to use at a Landry’s location and too much to throw away, DoNotPay can help you get that money back.

To start the process, in any web browser and follow these steps:

  1. Select out Gift Card Cash Back product
  2. Enter the information regarding your gift card—the company name, card number, remaining balance, etc.
  3. Click on the Sign and Submit button

Gift card laws vary from state to state, which is why we will check if yours has a cash back policy. If it doesn’t, we will forward your request to a Landry’s office located in one of the places that do. It takes about 14 days from the moment you submit the request for the money to arrive in your mailbox.

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