All You Need To Know About Returning Giant Gift Cards for Cash

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Get Some Extra Money by Returning Giant Gift Cards for Cash

Are you on a shoestring budget and need some extra money? If you have a few used Giant gift cards lying around, you’re in luck! In this guide, you will learn how to check your balance and return your Giant gift cards for cash.

The amount of cash you get might not be giant, but you can still use it for various purchases, such as getting gift cards from Amazon or Sephora.

Giant Gift Cards Explained

You can buy a Giant gift card:

  • Online
  • At Giant locations
  • At third-party sellers

Giant offers to deliver the card to your closest Giant store for free or ship it to your address for a specific fee that depends on your location.

Before you get to returning your Giant gift cards for cash, check out how they work:

  • You can redeem your Giant gift card at:
    • Giant
    • Martin’s
    • Giant Direct
    • Stop & Shop
  • Giant gift cards are available in predetermined denominations of:
    • $10
    • $20
    • $25
    • $50
    • $100
  • Your gift card cannot expire, and Giant doesn’t charge service fees
  • Giant will not replace your gift card if it gets lost or stolen, regardless of whether you provide proof of purchase
  • Giant does not accept electronic gift cards in stores. You can only redeem a physical card

Can You Return Your Giant Gift Card for Cash?

You can return your gift cards for cash only if you buy them at Giant locations in states that have a cash back policy. Check out the 11 states that allow gift card cash back, grouped by the cash back limit:

Cash Back LimitStates
$5Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington
$1Rhode Island, Vermont

Puerto Rico also allows gift card cash backs, with the maximum limit of $5 as your leftover balance.

Before You Cash In Your Giant Gift Cards—Learn How To Perform a Balance Check

The only method Giant offers for checking your gift card balance is by phone. To check your balance via phone call, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your gift card
  2. Dial 888-469-4426
  3. Select option 3
  4. Follow the further instructions

Do you roll your eyes at the sheer thought of automated customer service phone calls? If you want to avoid the hassle of waiting in long phone queues and talking to customer service, we have a solution! DoNotPay can check the balance on your Giant gift card in an instant!

Skip Bothersome Phone Calls—Check the Balance on Your Giant Gift Card With DoNotPay

With DoNotPay, you will never have to call customer service again to check your Giant gift card balance. to perform a balance check for your Giant gift card in three steps:

  1. Open the Check Gift Card Balance feature
  2. Upload a sharp image of your Giant gift card
  3. Click on Submit

We will handle the rest by contacting Giant to inquire about the remaining balance on your used gift card and notifying you afterward.

Giant gift cards are not the only ones we can check the balance of. Take a look at this table to find some other ones we can help you with:

Department StoresFood and DrinksEntertainmentFashion

DoNotPay Offers an Easy Way To Convert Your Giant Gift Cards to Cash

Why visit a Giant store to return your gift card for cash when you can have the money delivered to your doorstep with DoNotPay’s assistance? To convert your gift card to cash from the comfort of your home, follow these steps:

  1. in any web browser
  2. Select the Gift Card Cash Back product
  3. Enter some information about your Giant gift card, such as the purchase date, card number, and remaining balance
  4. Submit your request

When you complete all steps, we will forward your request to Giant, and you can expect some extra money in your mailbox within 14 days of request submission.

Step Up Your Gift Card Game With Our Knowledge Base

We’ve answered it all—from how to get free gift cards to how to use the remaining balance on your used ones. Our substantial knowledge base can assist you with:

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