BP Gift Card Balance Check—How To Do It Easily

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BP Gift Card Balance Check—See How Much Money You Have Left

If you’re having trouble keeping track of how much money you have on your gift cards, you’re not alone. People tend to have the same issue whenever they start using gift certificates, especially for gas. DoNotPay can help you do a BP gift card balance check and tell you how to get the remaining amount back in cash!

How Do BP Gift Cards Work—Basic Info

As a BP gift card holder, you may find the following info helpful. These gift cards:

  • Come in denominations of $10, $15, $20, $25, $50, and $100
  • Do not charge dormancy fees
  • Can only be used at participating BP service stations
  • Do not have an expiration date
  • Come with an easy way to check your balance whenever you wish

How To Check Your BP Gift Card Balance Easily

If you are unsure how much money you’ve spent from your BP gift card, you can check your balance:

  1. Online
  2. Over the phone
  3. In person

How To Check Your BP Gift Card Balance Online

If you prefer using all the benefits of modern technology, checking your BP balance online is the way to go. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Visit the BP website
  2. Click on View Card Balance Online
  3. Enter your card number
  4. Type in your PIN
  5. Solve the reCAPTCHA
  6. Click on Submit

Checking your BP gift card balance online is only available for gift cards that have a PIN. The cards without PINs require you to check the balance over the phone or in person.

How Can You Check Your BP Gift Card Balance Over the Phone?

You can call BP customer service to check your gift card balance. Follow these steps:

  1. Dial 1-800-519-3560
  2. Tell the customer service rep that you want to check your gift card balance
  3. Provide them with your card number and other info they need

The customer service agents will gladly answer any other questions about BP gift cards you may have.

How To Check Your BP Gift Card Balance in Person

You can always check your BP gift card balance at any BP gas station. Here is what you should do:

  1. Find the nearest BP station
  2. Visit the station
  3. Inform the employee that you want to check your gift card balance
  4. Provide them with the information they ask for (card number)

This way of checking your balance is convenient when you are already at the station. You will also see the balance printed on your receipt every time you make a purchase.

Check Your BP Gift Card Balance With DoNotPay

DoNotPay streamlines the balance check procedure and saves you from dealing with customer reps or wasting time resolving endless reCAPTCHAs. This is how we roll:

  1. Access DoNotPay
  2. Select the Check Gift Card Balance feature
  3. Upload photos of the card (both front and back)
  4. Confirm your email address

We’ll find out how much money you have left and let you know as soon as possible.

What Can You Do With BP Gift Cards?

In case you have a used gift card but don’t want to make any purchases with it, you have a few options to use the remaining amount. You can:

  • Gift it to someone you know
  • Sell it either online or to someone you know
  • Swap the card for a gift card from a different company—You can exchange the card on specialized websites. This can be tricky because you need to find a person who will match your offer in the amount and be interested in a BP card
  • Use DoNotPay to get cash back because we make sure you get the remaining balance and spend the money on whatever you want

Get Cash Back From Your BP Gift Card With DoNotPay

Getting cash back from a gift card can be a tiring and time-consuming task unless you use DoNotPay! Here’s how we work:

  1. Find and open the Gift Card Cash Back product
  2. Include the relevant info about your gift card (card number, issuer, and remaining balance)

We will send the return request to BP immediately. You'll get the money in cash or as a check in 14 business days.

Eleven states and Puerto Rico have cash back policies that ensure that consumers can get leftover funds from their gift cards. Even if the state you live in does not have the policy, DoNotPay can help you! We will find a state with a BP location in it and get you your money back.

DoNotPay Guides to Checking Your Gift Cards From Other Issuers

DoNotPay has some useful information about free gift cards and possible ways to acquire them. We also help you check your balance and get the remaining amount from any gift card. Check out the table below for more details:

Food and Drinks

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