The Simplest Way To Check Your American Airlines Gift Card Balance

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How To Check Your American Airlines Gift Card Balance in a Jiffy

If you were gifted an American Airlines gift card, you probably haven't hesitated to use it. Is there enough money left to book a new flight? DoNotPay can help you check your American Airlines gift card balance without fuss. We’ll also show you how to get cash back from your gift card in a few clicks!

Useful Information About American Airlines Gift Cards

If you have an American Airlines gift card, here is some useful info. These gift cards:

  • Do not expire or lose value
  • Have no monthly or other maintenance fees
  • Cannot be reloaded
  • Are not credit, debit, or charge cards
  • Have no implied warranties
  • Won’t be replaced if they get lost or stolen
  • Can be worth anywhere from $50 to $1,500

Ways To Check Your American Airlines Gift Card Balance Yourself

To see how much money you have on your American Airlines gift card, pick one of the following options:

  1. Visit the company website
  2. Call AA customer service

How To Check Your American Airlines Gift Card Balance Online

You can see the remaining balance on your American Airlines gift card online by following these instructions:

  1. Visit the American Airlines website
  2. Open the Gift Cards page
  3. Click on the Check Your Balance link
  4. Type in your gift card number in the designated field
  5. Enter your PIN in the text box
  6. Solve the reCAPTCHA to prove you are not a robot
  7. Click on Go

You can find the PIN (four digits) in the scratch-off field on the back of the card

How To Check Your American Airlines Gift Card Balance Over the Phone

In case you prefer phone calls, follow these instructions:

  1. Call 800-677-9555
  2. Explain to the customer rep that you want to check your gift card balance
  3. Provide them with your card number and PIN

Should you have further questions about your American Airlines gift card, you can ask the customer support rep while on the phone. Agents are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT.

Check Your American Airlines Gift Card Balance With DoNotPay

The easiest way to see how much money you have left on a gift card is by using DoNotPay! Our app will contact AA customer service in your stead. You only need to and follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Check Gift Card Balance feature
  2. Attach a photo of your gift card (front and back)
  3. Confirm your email address

What Can You Do With a Used Gift Card?

People often end up with some money left on their gift cards after the initial shopping spree. What can you do with used gift cards? Here are our suggestions:

Can You Get Cash Back From Your American Airlines Gift Card?

American Airlines gift cards are not refundable and cannot be returned or redeemed for cash unless required by law. You can get cash back from your gift cards in 11 states and Puerto Rico. Even if you don’t live in any of them, DoNotPay can find an American Airlines office in some of those states and retrieve your funds as soon as you sign up!

Get Cash Back From American Airlines Gift Card With DoNotPay

Getting cash back from your American Airlines gift card is a simple task when you have DoNotPay as your virtual assistant. Our app will scrutinize the cash back policy in your state and help you get the remaining balance in cash. You only need to complete three simple steps:

  1. Find and open our Gift Card Cash Back product
  2. Provide us with some info about your gift card, such as the issuer and card number

We will send the request to AA’s office in one of the cash back policy states. DoNotPay will let American Airlines know of your request right away. You should get your money back in the next 14 business days!

DoNotPay also answers the following FAQs about gift cards:

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