Everything You Need To Know About the Arizona Child Seatbelt Laws

Dispute Seatbelt Tickets Everything You Need To Know About the Arizona Child Seatbelt Laws

Understanding Arizona Child Seatbelt Laws

Car accidents still take so many lives across the country, and children are the most vulnerable. In such cases, using safety belts is the single most effective way to save lives and minimize injuries. That’s why Arizona authorities created laws for enforcing the use of seatbelts and child restraint systems.

This guide will answer all the essential questions about the Arizona child seatbelt laws, such as:

  • What does the law state?
  • What are the Arizona child seatbelt law exemptions?
  • How much does a seatbelt ticket cost in Arizona?
  • How can you appeal your seatbelt ticket?

What Is the Arizona Child Seatbelt Law?

Under the current Arizona child seatbelt laws:

  • Children under five should be properly secured in a child restraint system
  • Children between five and eight, with a height of no more than four feet nine inches, must be properly secured in the appropriate child restraint systems

The right restraint system for a child is determined according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Drivers who are exempted from the Arizona child seatbelt laws include those who operate:

  1. Motor vehicles originally manufactured without safety belts
  2. Recreational vehicles
  3. Commercial motor vehicles
  4. Authorized emergency vehicles or any other vehicle transporting a child in cases of emergency to obtain necessary medical care
  5. A motor vehicle that doesn’t have sufficient space for the required number of child restraint systems when transporting more than one child under eight years of age when:
    1. At least one child is properly restrained
    2. The driver has secured as many children as reasonably possible

The Arizona law does not specifically state when a child should ride in the front seat, but the general consensus is the age of 13.

Fines for Violating Child Seatbelt Laws in Arizona

If you are pulled over for violating the child passenger safety rules, you will get a fine of $50. In case you didn’t own the right car seat when you got the ticket, you can get the fine waived by acquiring a child restraint system and mailing the proof of purchase to the court.

In Arizona, violating the child seatbelt law is not a moving violation, and you will not be assigned demerit points.

Be careful when driving in other states that may consider disregarding child seatbelt laws a moving violation. Check the table below for more details on the children seatbelt laws in different states:

Missouri Florida Pennsylvania
North Carolina Texas Wisconsin
Minnesota Alabama Maryland
New Jersey New York State Ohio
Massachusetts California Michigan
Georgia West Virginia

What Happens if You Don’t Pay Your Ticket?

If you fail to pay the fine or appear in court for a child seatbelt violation, your driver’s license may not be renewed. The court may also instruct the Arizona Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) to suspend your driver’s license until you have satisfied the traffic court requirements.

It’s best to avoid this because it may affect your insurance rates—companies look at your driving record when determining rates.

How To Contest a Child Seatbelt Ticket in Arizona

Do you know that you can dispute a seatbelt ticket instead of paying the fine or appearing in court? All you need is a valid reason for not securing the child, for instance:

  • A child’s needs were being tended to
  • One of the children unbuckled the seatbelt when you were driving without you noticing
  • You were having an emergency
  • The size of the baby does not allow for buckling up
  • The child has a medical condition that prevents you from restraining the child properly

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Planning to visit another state? You need to know the applicable laws to avoid the consequences of non-compliance. Check out our detailed guides to seatbelt laws in other states in the table below:

New Mexico Nevada Michigan
Florida Pennsylvania Maryland
Massachusetts Arizona Illinois
Indiana Virginia Georgia
Kansas Tennessee Connecticut
California New Hampshire Colorado
Utah South Carolina Texas
Oregon Wisconsin Vermont
New Jersey Oklahoma Alabama
South Dakota Minnesota Kentucky
Idaho Arkansas Ohio
Louisiana Iowa West Virginia
North Dakota Wyoming Hawaii
Nebraska North Carolina Maine
Delaware Montana Missouri
Alaska New York State District of Columbia
Rhode Island Washington State Mississippi

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