What You Wanted To Know About Pennsylvania Seatbelt Laws

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The Guide You’ve Been Looking for About Pennsylvania Seatbelt Laws

A seatbelt can make a difference between minor injuries and catastrophic consequences. For that reason, there are seatbelt laws in every state in the U.S.—except New Hampshire.

If you are a Keystone State resident or traveling there, you should learn more about Pennsylvania seatbelt laws.

Want to know who needs to buckle up? What is the cost of breaking this law, or how can you fight the ticket? Our comprehensive guide has all the answers! We’ll also reveal how you can dispute the citation without hiring a lawyer.

Learning the Basics of Seatbelt Laws in PA

Not wearing a seatbelt in Pennsylvania is against the law. All drivers need to be buckled up.

The type of law that is applied depends on the age:

  1. When the driver is 17 years old or younger, the law is primary—Officers can pull you over even if no other traffic violation occurs
  2. When the driver is 18 years old or older, the law is secondary—Officers need to register a primary traffic offense to stop you and issue a seatbelt ticket

Despite having secondary enforcement, a study from 2020 found that Pennsylvania has 88.9% seatbelt usage—which is one of the highest among the states with secondary seatbelt law.

Pennsylvania is a regular participant in the national Click It or Ticket campaign. During May and November, there is an additional promotional activity for seatbelt use.

PA Seatbelt Law—Backseat Rules

Passengers who are at least 18 aren’t required by law to wear a seatbelt in the back seat.

The law is different for occupants under the age of 18. They need to wear a safety belt regardless of which seat they occupy.

Child Seatbelt Laws in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania mandates that you should keep children safe during the ride by securing them in an appropriate child seatbelt restraint system. The rules depend on the child’s:

  1. Age
  2. Height
  3. Weight

Children must be secured in one of the following restraint systems:

  • Rear-facing car seat
  • Forward-facing car seat with an internal harness
  • Booster seat
  • Regular safety seat belt

If you are driving kids around, get to know the regulations in more detail with the help of our guide on PA child seatbelt laws.

Taking your kids on a vacation to New York or anywhere outside of Pennsylvania? These children seatbelt guides will help you prepare:

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How Much Will It Cost if You Break the PA Seatbelt Law?

The drivers need to pay the penalty if they don’t make sure that their passengers are wearing a seatbelt. The fines are as follows:

Age of the PassengersCost
4–8$75 plus court fees
8–18$10 plus court fees

Do Seatbelt Tickets Go on Your Driving Record in PA?

Not wearing a seatbelt isn’t a moving violation, so you won’t get demerit points. You also don’t need to go to court.

The offense won’t be visible in your driving record, which means that the insurance rates won’t increase. In case your wrongdoing is indisputable, you shouldn’t ignore the ticket. Pay the fine and be more cautious in the future.

Can You Dispute Your PA Seatbelt Citation?

You can dismiss a ticket only if you have credible arguments—which are:

  1. Reasonable doubt—If you were wearing a seatbelt, build a case around the fact that the officer made an error because the seatbelt matched the color of your shirt or similar
  2. Due diligence defense—If you weren’t bucked up, you need a good reason why—such as:
    1. Having a medical condition that prevents you from wearing one—and a doctor’s note as a proof
    2. Experiencing an emergency
    3. Driving in reverse

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That’s everything you need to do on your part. All that is left is to wait for the authority’s verdict.

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