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Everything You Should Know About the Alaska Seatbelt Laws

People often neglect to wear a seatbelt, even with strict seatbelt laws being enforced all over the country. If, for example, a child unbuckles without the parents noticing, they can still get pulled over and fined.

What are the Alaska seatbelt laws? Is failing to buckle up a moving violation in this state? Can you go to court or receive points on your license for not wearing a seatbelt? DoNotPay provides answers to all these questions. You can to get a seatbelt ticket dismissed effortlessly!

Uncovering the Alaska Seatbelt Law

Failure to wear a seatbelt is not a moving violation in Alaska. Wearing seatbelts became a law in the United States in the late 1960s. Seatbelt laws are rigorously administered in Alaska and mandate that no one above the age of sixteen must drive or be driven on a highway without wearing a seatbelt.

The Alaska Child Seatbelt Laws

Every child being transported in a motorized vehicle must be safely restrained. The seatbelt laws in Alaska require the following restraint systems for children:

AgeType of Restraint
Up to twelve monthsRear-facing car seat
One to four yearsForward-facing car seat with a five-point harness system
Four to seven yearsBooster seat
Seven to 12 yearsBooster seat until they outgrow it, then an in-car seatbelt

Children below the age of thirteen are not permitted to travel in the front seat unless:

  • They can sit all the way back across the seat with their knees folded comfortably over the edge
  • The shoulder belt crosses the center of the child’s chest and shoulder
  • The lap belt fits snugly against the child’s thighs and lower hips
  • The child is able to remain seated in the position described above throughout the whole journey

How Much Do You Have To Pay for a Seatbelt Ticket in Alaska?

The cost of a seatbelt ticket in Alaska is higher than that in most other states. The table below provides an overview of the possible fines for failing to comply with seatbelt laws:

AgeFineWho Pays?
16 or over$60Driver
Below 16$200Driver

What Should You Do if You Receive a Seatbelt Ticket in Alaska?

If you receive a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt in Alaska, your options are to:

  1. Pay the ticket
  2. Request a mitigation hearing
  3. Contest the ticket

Pay the Seatbelt Ticket

The easiest option is to pay for the seatbelt ticket. Keep in mind that if you choose this option, it will automatically count as an admission of guilt. Depending on your previous record, you may receive demerit points on your license—which could affect your insurance—or face a suspension.

You can choose between the following methods of paying for a seatbelt ticket in Alaska:

  1. Online—visit the Alaska courts website, select your city, and follow the remaining steps
  2. By mail—the information should be displayed on your ticket
  3. Visit the court in person—locate the court nearest to you and make a payment using cash or check

If you do not pay your ticket within 30 days, the court may give you a 15-day extension to respond. Beyond that, the judge will pass a default judgment and may charge you extra fines or order a suspension of your license.

Go to a Mitigation Hearing

While requesting a mitigation hearing can also count as an admission of guilt, it provides you with more options to pay the ticket. You can:

  • Get a reduction on your fine
  • Set up a monthly payment plan
  • Be ordered to complete hours of community service instead of a fine

The judge’s decision is the final call in this case and cannot be contested.

Contest the Ticket

If you believe you’ve gotten a ticket by mistake, you can choose to contest it. To do so, you have to either check the appropriate box on your ticket and mail it to the court or call in and request a hearing. Here are the arguments you can cite when contesting a seatbelt ticket:

  • Faulty seatbelt or seatbelt clip
  • A witness who can confirm that you were given the ticket by mistake

Have Your Ticket Dismissed With DoNotPay

Seatbelt tickets are expensive, and contesting them typically requires you to follow a lengthy and exhausting procedure. Even after completing all the steps, you might end up losing the case and paying extra in terms of court fees!

If you want to dodge the hassle that comes with trying to get a seatbelt ticket dismissed, you can use DoNotPay. We offer an easy, convenient, and pocket-friendly way to contest your ticket! Here is what you have to do:

  1. Locate the Seatbelt Ticket tool
  2. Provide a few details about the ticket—your name and the date you received it
  3. Select the argument you would like to use to dispute the ticket (reasonable doubt or due diligence)

We will generate an appeal letter on your behalf and mail it to the Alaska ticket authorities in no time!

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