How to Get a USA Temporary Phone Number

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How to Get a USA Temporary Phone Number

Within the United States, using a temporary phone number is a convenient method of communicating without revealing information and maintaining personal security. People tend to use temporary phone numbers to avoid issues with privacy and to ensure the best use experience possible from particular applications. With DoNotPay, featured in CNN and Bloomberg, learn how obtaining a USA Temporary Phone Number is streamlined, below:

Why People Obtain USA Temporary Phone Numbers

Many services require your phone number to sign up for an account, to streamline security and communicative purposes. However, many people look for temporary phone numbers as an easy solution to the risks this presents. Below, find some of the reasons why people obtain temporary USA phone numbers:

  • Online Dating: To prevent harassment and potential leaks of personal information, temporary phone numbers are a useful tool to mitigate the risk of your information being used by someone you’ve met online.
  • Spam Texts: To prevent spamming from online services through texting or calling, some choose to use temporary phone numbers to ensure the best, most secure and spam-free user experience.
  • Privacy: Some choose to protect their privacy above all else, especially when accessing online services. Personal privacy is an important consideration in today’s increasingly technological world.

Often, the apprehension to provide a phone number is met with the expectation that you will simply not obtain a service. With DoNotPay, find out how you can!

Why Services Often Ask for Phone Verification

So many services ask for phone verification that the process has become almost synonymous with signing up for a new account. However, find out below why phone verification has become increasingly prevalent:

  • Authenticate Users: To authenticate the identity of a user and avoid robots, many companies require a phone number to prove that there is a ‘human’ behind the screen. This process is crucial for linking a user, and their device.
  • Authorize Upgrades: Services often require the use of a phone number to authorize upgrades, to reduce mistaken downloads.
  • Refresh User Details: Oftentimes, applications and services update and tailor their offerings to the needs of the customer. With access to personal information like phone numbers, corporations are able to tailor their product experience to the consumers they are interacting with.
  • Authorize Transactions: To confirm transactions and reduce fraud, phone numbers are essential methods of verifying that transactional or log-in activity is not suspicious. Sometimes, a one-time password (OTP) can even be sent via text.

How To Avoid Phone Verification With a Permanent Number

In response to these issues, people often rely on inconclusive methods of phone verification in hopes that they can offset a corporation’s desire to trace personal information back to a user. Below, are some conventional methods:

  • Buy Burner Phones: Physical phones are often easy ways to verify one’s identity, and some people choose to purchase alternate phone numbers to maintain privacy.
  • Use Google Voice: Some people choose to set up a temporary number through Google Voice, a service that does not allow customization or multiple number generations.
  • Use Someone Else’s Phone: To obtain an alternate number, some people opt to use a phone owned by another person.
  • Use An Online Fake Number: Some people Google ‘fake’ or ‘burner’ numbers, and attempt to use them to access online services.

Issues With Conventional Ways of Temporary Phone Verification

In response to the current service offerings, temporary phone verification with a US number can be difficult. Below, find some common reasons why it is difficult to obtain a service with an unregulated, temporary phone number (as discussed in the section above):

Bans on Temporary Phone NumbersSocial media sites like X (formerly Twitter) have banned the use of temporary sites that create burner phones, so they cannot be used to make an account.
Lack of Phone AccessIf you do not have access to a real phone number, it is sometimes difficult to obtain a temporary phone number, as some services require you to provide your personal phone number to get a temporary one.
Faulty ServicesOften, accessing spotty online services does not work. Sometimes, it is the fault of the server or even an internet connectivity issue.

DoNotPay offers a simple, easy solution below:

How to Use DoNotPay’s Temporary USA Phone Number

DoNotPay offers a secure, temporary USA phone number for any verification purpose needed. To use this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Download the
  2. Open the DoNotPay Burner Phone product — exclusive to our brand
  3. If applicable, choose the service that is relevant, and select “create a temporary phone number” — you’ll have the ability to choose the ‘USA’ as an option
  4. DoNotPay generates a phone number that you can use for any reason, allowing for secure and controllable use of the temporary USA number

For your convenience, the phone number always deletes texts automatically and deactivates the number you’ve used after a 10-minute period, with your privacy in mind!

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