Learn About the Wisconsin Seatbelt Laws for a Child Passenger

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The Ins and Outs of Wisconsin Seatbelt Laws for Child Passengers

Keeping children safe from unpredictable traffic accidents is prioritized by the road and transportation departments of every state. In 2018, 33% of the children involved in car crashes were found to be unbuckled, which is why strict laws such as the Wisconsin seatbelt laws for child passengers are important.

The general seatbelt laws state that any driver or passenger in the vehicle must wear seatbelts. Failure to do so is considered a moving violation and can lead to getting demerit points which can affect your insurance.

Find out everything you need to know about Wisconsin seatbelt laws for children in this guide and see how you can dismiss seatbelt tickets .

What To Know About the Wisconsin Child Seatbelt Laws

Research shows that child car seats can reduce the risk of serious injury by 71–82%, while booster seats decrease it by 45%. It is also recommended that children under the age of 13 ride in the backseat of the car, and any child under 12 must be buckled in.

Check the requirements for restraining a child passenger in Wisconsin in the following table:

AgeUntil What WeightDescription
Up to age oneAt least 20 pounds
  • Children should be buckled into rear-facing car seats
  • Car seats must be placed in the backseat of the vehicle
Until age fourAt least 40 pounds
  • Children should ride in a front-facing car seat until they outgrow it
  • The car seat must have appropriate harnesses according to the child’s height and weight
Up to eight years old or 4’ 9’’ tall80 pounds
  • Children should be in booster seats until they are tall enough to sit without slouching
  • The seatbelt must fit snugly around the child’s waist

Children who no longer fit into booster seats are required to ride in the backseat using a lap and shoulder belt until they are at least 13 years old.

Children who cannot be restrained due to physical or medical reasons are exempt from the seatbelt laws with proper certification or proof.

Drivers and parents must keep car seats away from the airbag deployment points because airbags can injure or suffocate children by trapping the car seats upon impact.

Seatbelt Laws for Children Riding in Public Transport in Wisconsin

Public transportation vehicles, such as buses, trains, or taxis, are not required to carry car seats or follow any of the child seatbelt laws. Parents are advised to bring their own booster or car seats and ensure their children are properly seated. Parents who fail to restrain their children properly could be fined.

What Is the Penalty for Breaking Child Seatbelt Laws in Wisconsin?

If you are pulled over for not having a child passenger in the proper restraint system but have violated no other laws, you will have to pay a $10 fine, while no points will be added to your license. In case you are traveling with a child aged between four and eight, the penalty may increase to $25. You may be charged $30—$75 if the unrestrained child is four years old or younger.

For unrestrained children below 15 years of age, the driver is ticketed.

What Happens if You Don’t Pay a Seatbelt Ticket?

If you receive a seatbelt ticket in Wisconsin, you can do one of the following:

  • Pay the fines
  • Contest the ticket

Failure to do either can lead to a court summons. You will have to pay a late fee for not paying on time, and no response can get your license suspended.

Repeatedly failing to pay or contest seatbelt tickets will add demerit points to your driving license.

How To Dispute a Seatbelt Ticket in Wisconsin

To have a seatbelt ticket dismissed in Wisconsin, you should do the following:

  1. Reach out to the court in person or via mail to file a “not guilty” plea before the payment deadline mentioned on your ticket
  2. Meet up with a prosecutor before the trial to discuss your options
  3. Have the first hearing with a judge

You have the option to either appoint an attorney or represent yourself. Even if you win the dispute and no longer have to pay the seatbelt ticket, you might still incur additional charges, such as court fees.

Deal With Seatbelt Tickets With the Help of DoNotPay

Contesting a seatbelt ticket is a hassle, and it requires you to invest a lot of time and energy.

If you believe you’ve received a seatbelt ticket by mistake, you can save money and time by getting it dismissed using DoNotPay!


  1. Locate the Seatbelt Ticket feature
  2. Type in a few details about the ticket
  3. Provide photo evidence, if possible

We will generate an appeal letter on your behalf and send it over to the ticket authorities!

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