The Rundown of the Iowa Seatbelt Laws

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The Ins and Outs of the Iowa Seatbelt Laws

Iowa’s seatbelt usage is beyond the national average, with a rate of ​​95.2%. Despite that, the government is going strong with road safety campaigns. Just in 2020, in 2,988 crashes in this state, 167 people were injured because they were unbelted.

What can motivate more people to spare a second and lock in the buckle is getting to know the Iowa seatbelt laws. When you know what the cost and driving record repercussions of a ticket are, you’ll be more likely to play by the rules.

Our guide will also uncover what you need to do to contest a wrongfully issued ticket on a minimal budget.

What You Need To Know About the Seatbelt Laws in Iowa

The law in Iowa dictates that all front-seat occupants must have a seatbelt on. The rules apply to resident and out-of-state vehicles. If you don’t wear a seatbelt properly—having the belt across your lap and strap over your shoulder—you will be ticketed.

Young drivers with a restricted license can’t have more passengers than the number of seatbelts.

Since 1986, Iowa has had a primary safety belt law enforcement. The police officers in the state can stop you for not wearing a seatbelt and slap you with a ticket.

There are several exceptions as to who must buckle up:

  • Passengers on a bus
  • Drivers and front-seat occupants engaged in work that requires frequent getting in and out of the vehicle—and when the speed doesn’t exceed 25 mph between the stops
  • Occupants of a motor vehicle that is manufactured before 1966
  • Front-seat passengers and children being transported in an authorized emergency vehicle
  • Children riding in the backseat of motor homes

Iowa Seatbelt Law for Backseat Passengers

Rear seatbelts can reduce the chance of fatal injuries by 60%. In Iowa, buckling up in the back is only a recommendation as adult passengers aren’t required to do so.

Passengers under the age of 18 do need to have a seatbelt on regardless of which seat they occupy.

Iowa Child Seatbelt Laws

Iowa ranks number four in child deaths in car crashes. These devastating consequences can be prevented if children are restrained according to the law.

What are the children safety belt and car seat laws in the Hawkeye State? The table below outlines them:

AgeCar Safety System
Under the age of one—who weigh less than 20 poundsRear-facing car seat
One to sixCar seat or booster seat
Six to 11Child restraint system or seatbelt

Children’s height and weight need to correspond with car seat manufacturer’s recommendations.

General advice on keeping children safe during the ride is:

  • Use the appropriate car seat system as long as possible—until the child outgrows it
  • Children should ride in the back seat until the age of 13 at least
  • Use both the lap and shoulder belt when a child reaches the demanded height for regular safety belts—which is around four feet and nine inches

How Much Does a Seatbelt Ticket Cost in Iowa?

If you violate the safety belt or safety harness law, you are guilty of a misdemeanor and will be fined as follows:

ViolationFineSurchargeCourt CostMinimal Total Cost
Adults seatbelt law$50$17.50$60$127.50
Child seatbelt law$100$35$60$195

Drivers are responsible for their and minors’ violations, while adult passengers need to cover their own fines.

Do Iowa Seatbelt Tickets Go on Your Driving Record?

A conviction for not wearing a seatbelt in Iowa isn’t considered a moving violation. Breaking this law will go on your driving record, but it will not count toward a license suspension.

Iowa’s demerit point system doesn’t account for seatbelt violation, so the ticket won’t increase your insurance rate.

What Happens When You Ignore the Ticket?

Not paying the fine can only increase the cost of breaking the seatbelt law as additional fees will apply. When the court debt becomes delinquent, you won’t be able to renew your driver’s license or motor vehicle registration.

Can You Contest the Citation?

If you believe that the ticket was unwarranted, you can go to court and try to get it dismissed. The first step is to develop a strong argument that gives you a reasonable cause for contesting. You can build your defense by claiming that:

  1. You were wearing a seatbelt and the officer made an error—a reasonable cause
  2. You were unbelted due to a legally acceptable reason, such as driving in reverse—a due diligence defense

You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars for a lawyer, nor do you need to overturn the ticket on your own. , and you’ll get a convincing letter of appeal automatically.

DoNotPay Will Help You Keep Your Record Clean

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The process is beyond simple—you only need to:

  1. Select the Seatbelt Ticket tool
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  3. Answer our chatbot’s questions

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