How to Solve the “This Phone Number Cannot Be Used For Verification” Error

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How to Solve the “This Phone Number Cannot Be Used For Verification” Error

Have you ever encountered an error message while trying to use a phone number? Don’t have access to a personal cellular device? Worried about potential data leaks through phone numbers you’ve given out online? Read on to find out what's causing the issues and the easiest solution by .

Reasons Why A Phone Number Cannot Be Used for Verification

There are many reasons why a , but the most common reasons revolve around illegitimate numbers, privacy and VPN use. Find these reasons and more, in the table below:

Invalid NumberA deactivated, not functional or not in service phone number is often considered invalid, and will not work for phone verification.
Carrier RestrictionsWith particular cellular carriers and in certain regions, there are restrictions that can impact the timing, delivery and contents of the message you receive, if you receive it at all.
Text Messaging DisabledWith the disablement of a text messaging service provider, you will not be able to send or receive any texts, irrespective of the content. This directly prevents verification.
Lack of Cellular ReceptionWithout a cell tower nearby, cellular reception can often be very spotty. In this case, a considerable lack of cellular reception impacts the quality and ability of a message to send, if it even does.
Incorrect Number or SpamOften, if your cellular service provider perceives your phone or a verification service being used as a spam number, it will not send a message or you will not receive a message at all.

How Most People Bypass A Phone Number That Cannot Be Used for Verification

Okay, now that we’ve discovered the common reasons why someone is prevented from using a particular phone number for verification, let’s delve into ways that people often bypass these issues:

  • Buying a Burner Phone: By purchasing a physical, alternative cellular device, an expensive solution to preventing personal information from being leaked is discovered. Be wary, though, as this might not even work, and is a physical burden to carry around with you just to receive alternative verification texts.
  • Using a Fake Phone Number: By using a fake phone number, you are exposed to a newfound, inexpensive solution to burner phones. However, many online service providers are frequently inaccessible, or inaccurate in their service offerings.

Curious as to how DoNotPay can combine these two options? Continue reading for how we make accessing both a burner phone and temporary phone number as easy as 1-2-3!

What is Phone Number Verification

Phone number verification is an essential service that prevents common online issues like identity theft, impersonation and fraud. and online services require the use of an individual phone number or cellular device to verify your identity. Below, find the easy breakdown of what phone number verification is:

  • Phone Number: A phone number is provided, and you enter it during the set up of an account
  • Verification Code is Sent: A verification code is sent, to the provided number, often via SMS messaging
  • Reception: You receive the code, and enter it into a prompt to verify your identity
  • Match: The code is matched through online servers, and service providers often verify that this is the code that was given
  • Confirmation: Congratulations! You are confirmed, and now able to use the account

But, what if the phone number cannot be used for verification? Read more to find out.

Why is Phone Verification Used?

There are many reasons why phone number verification is used, and why phone numbers that are generated without SIM cards/online cannot be used for verification.

Find some common reasons why, below:

  • Authentication: Phone verification helps authenticate a user's identity, proving that they are who they say they are.
  • Security: To avoid issues with data breaches, phone number verification is used to store sensitive information, while proving identity and preventing malware
  • Privacy: For certain professions and hobbies, privacy is of utmost importance. Thus, your personal information in its sensitivity should not be an impediment of your ability to access online services. With DoNotPay’s burner phone services, you can receive texts with no phone number!

Understanding DoNotPay’s Burner Phone Service

DoNotPay offers a cutting-edge temporary phone number and burner phone service, where you can use a phone number for all of your verification needs. Worried about a phone number that cannot be used for verification? We can help.

Here’s how to access this unique service:

  1. Open the Burner Phone product and select a service provider that you need the app for, or simply keep going to the next step
  2. Choose “create a temporary phone number” which allows for a secure, anonymous and safe process where you’ll be able to choose a number and use it for all of your verification needs!
  3. Once you do this, a phone number is instantly generated by DoNotPay, and you will be able to use it as your heart desires
  4. That’s it! A phone number is generated, and you will be able to engage in activities as normal!

In the interest of privacy, the phone number automatically deletes texts and deactivates the phone line after 10 minutes of inactivity, staying true to our promise of the

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