The Ins and Outs of the Seatbelt Laws in Maine

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All You Need To Know About the Seatbelt Laws in Maine

Research from 2020 showed that Maine was the second state in the U.S. with the most car accidents—preceded by Massachusetts and followed by Maryland. You might not be able to affect the dangers of the road, but you can decrease the likelihood of a similar outcome by wearing a seatbelt.

Drivers, passengers, and children have to respect the seatbelt laws in Maine. Otherwise, the offender can end up with a hefty fine and other unpleasant consequences.

DoNotPay will help you find out all about the seatbelt laws in the Pine Tree State, including how you can dismiss the ticket.

Seatbelt Laws in Maine—The Basics

The U.S. Department of Transportation has strict laws for Maine drivers and passengers. This is one of the 34 states who have primary enforcement for seatbelt laws. What this refers to is that the police officer can issue a citation upon observing the seatbelt violation alone.

Drivers and passengers who are 18 years of age or older need to have a safety belt on at all times while they are in the vehicle. For passengers who are at least eight years old—and more than four feet and seven inches tall—but younger than 18, the driver is responsible for ensuring that they are buckled up.

You won't be bothered by pesky tickets if:

  • You're driving a taxi or a limo, and your passengers haven't put on a seatbelt
  • Frequent (un)fastening would get in the way of your efforts to deliver newspaper in a timely fashion
  • Your doctor has strictly forbidden you from wearing a seatbelt

What Are the Maine Child Seatbelt Laws?

Using a child restraint system properly can reduce the risk of serious injuries and death during motor vehicle crashes. What restraint you need to use depends on the child’s:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Height

In 2019, the government strengthened the child car seat laws, and now, they go as follows:

Children of Age and WeightCar Seat Requirement
Under the age of twoRear-facing car seat
Over two years old, weighing less than 55 poundsFront-facing car seat with a harness
Under the age of eight, weighing less than 80 pounds and being shorter than 58 inchesBooster seat
Under the age of 12, weighing less than 100 poundsBack seat only

Parents are instructed to respect the height and weight limits set by the car seat maker. It is also recommended that children ride in the back seat for as long as possible.

How Much Does a Seatbelt Ticket Cost in Maine?

If you make a seatbelt offense as a driver or passenger or you fail to follow the child seatbelt laws, you can be fined:

  1. $50—for the first offense
  2. $125—for the second offense
  3. $250—for the third offense

You can pay for the ticket in one of these ways:

  • By mail
  • In person by going to any Maine state courthouse
  • By phone at 1-866-729-8499

Before you take out your wallet, check if the ticket is in the system. They are issued by hand, so there can be a delay from the time you were ticketed to the moment when it’s registered in the online portal or the automated phone system.

Do Seatbelt Tickets Go on Your Driving Record?

The Secretary of State records all traffic and moving violations in Maine. You may receive points for breaking the seatbelt law, and it will stay on your record for one year.

This type of ticket is a conditional one, but if you have made other traffic violations in the past, your insurance rates can increase significantly.

Local law also states that a vehicle, its contents, the driver, and the passengers can be searched if you get pulled over because you’re not wearing a seatbelt.

Can You Dispute the Ticket?

To contest your ticket, you need to have a plausible argument in the form of:

  1. Reasonable doubt—Claiming that the officer issued the ticket by error—for example, they didn’t see that you were wearing the safety belt
  2. Due diligence defense—Stating that you had a valid reason for not buckling up—such as a medical condition that prevents you from doing it and a doctor’s certification that proves it

Note that if you don’t dispute the ticket or pay the fine, you can face additional costs.

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Dismiss the Ticket Stress-Free With DoNotPay

With a credible argument on your side, there is no reason why you shouldn’t dispute the ticket. DoNotPay will make this process fast, easy, and cheap for you. All you need to do is and:

  1. Select the Seatbelt Ticket product
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  3. Tell us more about the situation—including who got it, when, and what happened exactly
  4. Inform us of the argument you want to use to fight the ticket

Your personalized appeal letter will be on its way to the authorities before you know it! We’ll handle the mailing procedure as well.

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