All You Need To Know About Wisconsin Seatbelt Laws

Dispute Seatbelt Tickets All You Need To Know About Wisconsin Seatbelt Laws

The Ins and Outs of Wisconsin Seatbelt Laws

Not wearing a seatbelt can endanger your life, but there are legal and financial consequences as well. Whether you live in America’s Dairyland or are visiting, you need to comply with the state’s seatbelt laws. This article will help you get familiar with Wisconsin seatbelt laws and provide essential information about the rules you need to follow.

We will also touch upon other important topics, such as whether:

The Basics of the Wisconsin Seatbelt Law

Wisconsin law states that everyone four years and older must be properly restrained with a safety device, such as a car seat, booster seat, or seatbelt. In Wisconsin, seatbelt use is a primary enforcement law, which means that a police officer may pull you over for not wearing a seatbelt and issue a citation.

Not having a seatbelt on is not considered a moving violation in Wisconsin, so your ticket won’t be reported to the Department of Transportation (DOT), which means it won’t count as a demerit point or affect your insurance.

Everyone, including non-residents, must comply with the Wisconsin seatbelt law. As for vehicles, every car in the state of Wisconsin must be equipped with safety belts.

If you get a citation, you will have to pay a $10 fine within a given deadline. Failing to pay your ticket before the set date can cause serious repercussions, such as going to jail.

What Does the WI Seatbelt Law Say About Children?

The children seatbelt law in Wisconsin states that:

  1. All children who are four years old or younger and weigh up to 40lbs must be restrained in a car seat
  2. All eight-year-olds who weigh more than 80lbs and are taller than four foot nine must be restrained in a booster seat

Breaking the children seatbelt law is a much more serious violation than breaking the regular seatbelt law. It can cost you up to $75 if the child is younger than four and up to $25 if they're between four and eight years old.

Wisconsin Seatbelt Law Exemptions

There are some exemptions to the Wisconsin seatbelt law. They are as follows:

  • Seatbelt use isn’t required in authorized emergency vehicles
  • The driver doesn’t have to wear a seatbelt if a vehicle makes ten or more stops that require them to exit the vehicle
  • The driver isn’t required to wear a seatbelt if they have a physical or mental condition that prevents them from wearing a seatbelt. The driver needs to have a doctor’s note that proves the condition

Can You Dispute a Seatbelt Citation in Wisconsin?

Yes, you can appeal a seatbelt ticket in Wisconsin. There are two main arguments you use to dispute your citation—reasonable doubt and due diligence.

Check out the table below for details:

Reasonable doubtArguing your case on the basis of reasonable doubt means that you'll either present an explanation of why you weren’t wearing your seatbelt or claim that the police officer was wrong and you actually did wear it. Here’s what you might present as arguments:

  • You were wearing your seatbelt but unbuckled it when the officer pulled you over
  • The color of your seatbelt was the same as your clothes
  • You removed the seatbelt to reach for something
Due diligence defenseIf you choose to argue your case based on due diligence defense, you must give a good reason for not wearing a seatbelt. This can mean that you:

  • Were driving in reverse
  • Were experiencing some kind of emergency
  • Noticed that your seatbelt was faulty but couldn't fix it at that moment
  • Hadn’t noticed that your child unbuckled the seatbelt

How To Dispute a Seatbelt Ticket in Wisconsin

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