Going to Court for a Seatbelt Ticket—What You Need To Know

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Want To Avoid Going to Court for a Seatbelt Ticket? DoNotPay Will Help!

You got a seatbelt ticket, so what? Ignoring it will not make it go away. If you don’t pay the fine or respond to the ticket, the consequences will cause you more trouble than it's worth.

Can you avoid going to court for a seatbelt ticket? You might’ve gotten into this mess unintentionally, but you can get out of it if you know the procedure and what you have to do.

The best way to skip the court process altogether is to and let our app send the appeal letter in your stead. You won’t have to hire lawyers or endure trials if you rely on our nifty app.

Can You Go to Court for a Seatbelt Ticket?

Yes, you can. Having to pay a fine that can amount to hundreds of dollars isn’t the only downside of the ticket. You’ll also have to face the nuance of discussing what you did in court.

Not all states have the same law, but in some, if you get a seatbelt ticket, you are required to appear in traffic court and make your case in front of a judge. You can be called in for breaking the law as a driver or passenger or for not respecting the seatbelt laws for children.

You may be able to skip this nuisance—even if your state demands it—if the officer ticked the box on the ticket that reads, “You may avoid coming to court only if this block is checked and all instructions on the defendant's copy are followed.” In this case, you can pay the fine without going to court.

Going to Court for a Seatbelt Ticket—What To Expect

Going to traffic court is a common consequence of receiving a seatbelt ticket. When you go to court, you have two options:

  1. Pleading guilty
  2. Pleading not guilty

Even if you plead guilty, you can explain what happened, but that won’t reduce your fine. The authorities can offer you different ways of paying for your ticket—including:

  • By mail
  • Using your credit card
  • Online
  • By telephone

A seatbelt ticket is a minor offense, even if it’s considered a moving violation in some states, so your insurance rate shouldn't increase by much. You can also get penalty points alongside the fine.

If you don’t have money to waste, you can plead not guilty and try to dismiss your ticket.

Learn more about the costs and the rules in your state by reviewing our state-specific guides:

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What Happens if You Miss the Date?

If you don’t show up and don’t pre-pay the fine, the trial can take place without you. The judge will ask the police officer what had happened and how you acted. In case there is enough evidence, the verdict will be that you are guilty, and you won’t be able to get out of paying your dues. They’ll also add a failure to appear fee on top of your ticket fine.

To find out what happened in court in your absence, call the clerk for the court in the jurisdiction of your case.

How To Beat a Seatbelt Ticket

You can dismiss the ticket based on:

  • Reasonable doubt
  • Due diligence defense

If you can think of a credible reason why you didn’t have your seatbelt on or why the officer made a wrong judgment, you can get out of paying the ticket. Reasonable doubt can be the fact that your seatbelt was the same color as your shirt, so the officer didn’t see it. This is applicable only if the seatbelt offense is secondary and you didn’t get pulled over.

Another option is to explain why you unbuckled it—you could have been going in reverse and taken the seatbelt off for a moment.

Whatever story you decide to go with, you need to present it and make it convincing in front of the judge. You can hire a traffic lawyer or take on this task yourself.

What presents an issue for many people is that they don't perform the best under pressure and don’t have the money for an attorney.

There is a more affordable option—one that can take the courtroom off the table—and it's using the DoNotPay app.

Forget About Courtrooms and Lawyers—Rely on DoNotPay Instead!

DoNotPay is an AI-powered app that will generate a strong appeal letter to get your ticket dismissed. A friendly chatbot will ask you a few essential questions and customize the request based on your answers.

What you have to do to put it all in motion is:

  1. Locate the Seatbelt Ticket tool
  2. Add a photo of the ticket
  3. Fill out the questionnaire about:
    1. Who got the ticket
    2. What the situation was in which you got it
    3. What argument you wish to use to dismiss it

We’ll not only draft the letter but mail it to the ticket authorities as well.

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