Get a Better Understanding of the MD Seatbelt Law With Our Guide

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The Best Guide to Decoding the MD Seatbelt Law

Even though Maryland boasts a huge number of regular seatbelt users among drivers, the statistics can always be better. It’s crucial to be aware of the state laws and know exactly how to avoid hefty fines or court appearances for seatbelt tickets.

If you aren’t familiar with the MD seatbelt law, we offer you our assistance in deciphering all the rules you should have in mind. Get all the answers you need regarding child passenger seatbelt regulations, citation costs, and the simplest appeal procedure that you can start by !

Maryland Seatbelt Laws in a Nutshell

To help you understand how seatbelt laws in Maryland work, we prepared a table with the most common questions and the best answers. Check out the details below:

Who must wear a seatbelt in Maryland?Driver and all passengers
Is a seatbelt law violation a primary or a secondary offense in Maryland?When the passengers in the front seat aren’t buckled up, it’s a primary offense. If the backseat passengers are not wearing safety belts, they commit a secondary traffic violation
Is a seatbelt ticket considered a moving violation?No
Do seatbelt citations affect your driving record or add points to it?No
Will a seatbelt ticket in Maryland increase your car insurance rates?No
What vehicles does this law cover?
  • Class A—passenger
  • Class E—trucks
  • Class F—truck tractor
  • Class M—multipurpose
  • Class P—passenger bus vehicle
What vehicles aren’t covered by the seatbelt law in Maryland?Class L—historical vehicles

Who Is Exempt From Wearing a Seatbelt in Maryland?

Not everyone who operates approved motor vehicles in Maryland is required to have a safety belt on. Drivers and passengers exempt from the general Maryland seatbelt law are:

  • Physically disabled persons
  • Persons who have a specific medical condition that doesn’t allow them to buckle up—To prove their health issues, they must provide a certification stating the particular disorder and the reason why wearing a safety belt would affect their health negatively
  • Contact carriers and the United States Postal Services (USPS) deliverers on duty

Child Passenger Safety Laws in Maryland

If you are a parent or tend to drive children, knowing everything about child seatbelt laws in Maryland is a must. Here’s what to have in mind:

  1. Passengers below the age of 16 must be in one of the approved child restraint devices or buckled up regardless of the sitting position
  2. Drivers must make sure that every passenger below the age of eight is properly secured in one of the federally approved child restraint systems, including:
    1. Infant seats
    2. Booster seats
    3. Forward-facing seats
    4. Convertible seats
  3. Children younger than 16 can’t ride in a pick-up truck cargo bed
  4. A single safety belt can’t be used for buckling up more than one child
  5. The law doesn’t prohibit children from riding in the front seat, but placing them in the back seat is recommended for increased safety. The only situation that forbids front seat rides is putting a child in a rear-facing restraint device next to an active airbag

How Much Does a Seatbelt Citation Cost in Maryland?

Drivers or passengers who don’t buckle up can get a fine of $83. If both a driver and passengers fail to wear seatbelts, each person in the vehicle who violates the rule will get an $83 fine. Besides this expense, there may be extra fees if you exceed the citation payment deadline or don’t pay the ticket at all.

How Can You Avoid Paying a Seatbelt Ticket in Maryland?

In some cases, Maryland laws allow you to get your seatbelt citation dismissed. You can do it if you:

  • Have an acceptable reason for not possessing a child safety seat at the time of the offense—if you got a ticket for failing to buckle up a child
  • Didn’t have a child safety seat at the time of the offense but managed to purchase it before the court hearing date—if you got a ticket for failing to buckle up a child
  • Submit an appeal to the local ticket authorities by:
    • Convincing them that you got a ticket by mistake—if you are positive that you were wearing a safety belt
    • Stating a solid reason for violating the seatbelt law—if you are guilty but believe you have an acceptable explanation for committing the offense

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