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Do You Have To Be Certified To Homeschool Your Child in the U.S.?

Millions of parents consider homeschooling the best option for educating their children, but not all of them believe they are qualified for the role of a teacher. Many of them question their ability to convey knowledge to their kids or don’t know if they need to have any teaching qualifications for this endeavor.

Do you have to be certified to homeschool your child? Is having a high school diploma or a degree mandatory? What duties do you have as a homeschool teacher? Can you get a perfect notice of intent for your children’s school by ? This article offers you the answers to all the questions you may have!

What Are the Responsibilities of a Homeschool Educator?

The job of a homeschooling teacher is rewarding but entails many responsibilities that exceed your duties as a parent. Once you opt your child out of school and begin educating them at home, you need to take up the following tasks:

  1. Working with your child on specific or all existing topics and subjects covered by your child’s homeschool program
  2. Determining your child’s interests and affinities to create the best possible homeschool curriculum
  3. Brainstorming the desired content of the curriculum and finding appropriate educational resources for the homeschooled student
  4. Purchasing a curriculum from a specialized organization if you don’t believe you can create one yourself
  5. Ensuring that:
    1. All chosen materials comply with the local homeschool requirements
    2. The student completes the required minimum of homeschool hours per day
  6. Planning lessons and other extracurricular activities, such as movie projections, field trips, or recreational activities
  7. Coordinating knowledge assessment tasks and grading your child’s school assignments
  8. Keeping track of the student’s educational progress—if the state you live in proposes this rule
  9. Informing yourself about the newest teaching methods and updated learning technologies
  10. Paying the homeschooling costs or finding appropriate sources of additional funding for this purpose

You should also be patient and keen on working with your kids. In most cases, homeschooling requires one of the parents to leave their full-time job to have enough time for teaching.

Do You Need a Degree To Homeschool Your Kid?

No law in the USA states you must have a degree to homeschool your child. This means you don’t need to be a certified teacher or have teaching experience to do it. Some homeschool laws require parents to be qualified or competent to educate their kids but don’t define these terms further.

While teaching qualifications are flexible in most states, some areas may require you to have a GED or a high school diploma to be a homeschool teacher. The following table shows the regulations in all U.S. states:

GED or a High School Diploma Are Required In:GED or a High School Diploma Aren’t Required In:

You Don’t Meet the Homeschool Teaching Requirements—What Should You Do?

If you live in one of the states that propose some teaching qualifications and you don’t meet them, don’t despair—you can still have your child homeschooled. All you should do is choose one of the available alternatives, such as:

  • Asking your friends or family members who have a required diploma if they can educate the student in your stead
  • Hiring another person—usually a professional teacher—to teach your kid
  • Enrolling your child in the courses offered by local homeschool organizations
  • Sending the student to an umbrella school—if you want a religion-oriented education
  • Ask another homeschooling family to have your child at their place and give them classes

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