Should You Bother Searching for a Homeschool Teacher?

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Do You Have To Hire a Homeschool Teacher? DoNotPay Answers

As a parent who chose to homeschool, you want your child to have the best education possible. Homeschooling has its difficulties, one of which is finding a qualified homeschool teacher, but is hiring one actually necessary?

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What Is a Homeschool Teacher and What Are Their Duties?

A homeschool teacher is a person who teaches one or more homeschooled students, providing them with primary education on various subjects. The responsibilities of a homeschool teacher may include:

  • Planning the curriculum and lessons
  • Teaching using various learning methods (audio, visual, kinesthetic, etc.)
  • Choosing and acquiring all the necessary teaching supplies and materials (parents usually pay for them or they are provided by the private school)
  • Assessing the students via all sorts of tests
  • Providing the meals for the students (if the teacher is also a childcare provider)
  • Keeping an individual portfolio for every student
  • Organizing field trips for students
  • Discussing the teaching plans, student progress, and parent involvement with the parents

How To Find a Homeschool Teacher

You can find a homeschool teacher fast by googling the keyword alongside the name of your town or area (e.g., homeschool teacher Milwaukee). Here are some websites to get you going:

Finding a homeschool teacher is not difficult, but hiring the right one for your child is. An excellent teacher is the one who is:

  • Dedicated to their job and puts a lot of effort into it
  • Experienced and has the confidence and expertise that resonates with the student
  • Energetic, encouraging, and effective in their teaching
  • Understanding and supportive of the student regardless of their progress or capabilities
  • Tech-savvy enough to cover the modern methods of learning

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Homeschool Teacher?

Homeschool teacher fees make up a good chunk of the homeschooling cost. Teachers usually charge by the hour, and the average rate in America is $26. If you multiply their fee by the number of homeschool hours (that are usually state-mandated), you’ll know the approximate figure that will cover the teaching expenses.

Other Homeschooling Expenses

Besides covering the homeschool teacher’s fee, you’ll also have to set aside enough money for many other expenses of homeschooling, as shown in the table below:

Costs of HomeschoolingBrief Explanation
CurriculumBuying a curriculum for the school year is not cheap as their prices range from $300 to $600
Teaching resourcesTeaching supplies and materials can cost up to $250 a year
Field tripsTaking students to a zoo, museum, art gallery, and similar amounts to about $350 per year
Extracurricular activitiesDoing sports or signing up for a dance, arts, or music class is vital for the development of any child, and the costs of these activities vary
Other expensesJoining a homeschool organization is beneficial, but it may cost a lot depending on the membership fees

Is Hiring a Homeschool Teacher Necessary?

Hiring someone else to teach your children isn’t necessary. In most states, you can teach your kids, but note that some require parents to have appropriate certification. That’s why you should get familiar with homeschool laws and regulations in your state before you start homeschooling.

If you don’t have enough money to cover the teacher’s rates, you should consider homeschooling your kid yourself, provided that your state’s law allows it. Besides helping you save money, teaching your children on your own will also help you bond with them even more.

The Letter of Intent To Homeschool Explained

A common requirement for parents that want to teach their children in most states is formally expressing their intent to homeschool by sending a notice in writing to the school district.

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  2. Enter the information about yourself and the student

You can then choose whether you want us to:

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