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When and How To Start Homeschooling in Arkansas

If you want to know the dos and don'ts of homeschooling in Arkansas, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll guide you through the requirements and help you get started in no time.

When it comes to rules and regulations, Arkansas is one of the easiest states to homeschool. You’re free to teach your kids at home so long as you fulfill a few administrative tasks.

, you can generate and get important documents notarized, including the letter of intent to homeschool. If you’re still on the fence about home education, allow the world’s first robotic lawyer to help you decide.

Homeschool Laws in Arkansas Summarized

Parents who plan to homeschool in Arkansas need to complete the following process:

  1. Declare your intent to homeschool officially
  2. Notify the authorities five days before you remove your child from classes. You’re only required to do this if the school year has already begun
  3. Fill in the proper paperwork annually
  4. Devise a detailed curriculum and plan school activities

The compulsory school age in Wonder State is from 5–17 years. Your child needs to have attendance within the designated period. If you want to delay their preschool education for some reason, you’ll have to file a kindergarten waiver.

Arkansas Homeschooling Requirements

Arkansas homeschool laws are quite lenient as there are only a few mandatory steps parents must complete. Take a look at the table below for a detailed overview of the Arkansas homeschooling requirements:


You don’t need to keep records of your child’s academic development or immunization nor create a homeschool portfolio. While not mandatory, a homeschool transcript can serve as proof of a completed education. Employers can use the attendance records for background checks, so the transcript would serve a highly practical purpose

Standardized testingNo.

Homeschooled students don’t have to take standardized tests to be evaluated. If you wish to do so anyway, several homeschool programs in Arkansas offer guidelines on performing standard learning assessments

Graduation requirementsNo.

Since parents are the ones issuing the diploma, there are no state-ordered guidelines for homeschooling. The Arkansas homeschool laws also don’t provide a list of mandatory subjects. You can research the graduation requirements for a regular high school and use that as a reference

Parent/ guardian qualificationsNo.

If you decide to homeschool in Arkansas, you don’t have to get certified or even finish a parent qualifying course

Notice of intent to homeschoolYes.

The only way to start homeschooling is submitting a notice of intent to homeschool in Arkansas

How To File an Intent To Homeschool in Arkansas

To begin your journey, you’ll need to file an intent to homeschool in Arkansas. Completing the form is mandatory, and you must submit it each year before August 15.

You can create an Arkansas intent to homeschool yourself, but it’s much better to use pre-existing templates. The three official sources for the affidavit are:

  1. The Arkansas Department of Education
  2. The Home School Defense Association (HSLDA)
  3. DoNotPay’s Notice of Intent to Homeschool product

You need to include the following information in the Arkansas intent to homeschool form:

Once you’ve completed the form, you can:

  • Send it via mail or electronically
  • Personally deliver the intent to homeschool in Arkansas
  • Use DoNotPay to forward the document to the relevant authorities

Sign Up for DoNotPay and Create a Notice of Intent To Homeschool in Minutes

DoNotPay offers the best method of handling administrative chores that can save hours of your time. Using our Notice of Intent to Homeschool product, you can create a letter of intent with a few clicks. The steps are so easy you’ll be able to repeat them in your sleep:

  1. Access the Notice of Intent to Homeschool feature
  2. Submit the required details about your school district
  3. Answer a few essential questions about yourself and the student

Since the intent to homeschool is an official document, you need to get it properly notarized. DoNotPay can help you with that as well! The Notarize Any Document product offers the same services as a notary office. Allow us to ease you through the bureaucratic procedures and focus on your child’s education instead.

Choosing Between Different Homeschool Programs in Arkansas

Parents are solely responsible for choosing a homeschool program. When mapping out the upcoming academic year, you should consider the following:

  • What’s the best teaching style for your family
  • How many homeschool hours do you plan to accumulate
  • Does your child have any learning disabilities (e.g., dyslexia)
  • How much money can you set aside for school activities

If you’re still unsure how to homeschool your kids, you can look to homeschool co-ops and organizations for guidance.

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