The Ins and Outs of Homeschooling a Gifted Child

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Homeschooling a Gifted Child Explained by DoNotPay

Wondering whether homeschooling a gifted child is a viable option? This article will help you with the decision! We’ll tell you what the benefits are and list all the tips you need to homeschool your child like a pro.

Once you decide to homeschool your gifted child, read our other helpful articles that tell you all about the homeschooling costs and the hours you need to teach daily. We’ll show you who can homeschool your child and when you can start.

Should I Homeschool My Gifted Child?

Gifted kids usually learn basic skills quickly and don’t need much practice. They pick up cues fast and are highly inquisitive. These characteristics, along with being highly intelligent and interested in numerous topics, make them stand out from their peers.

In public schools, gifted children are often pushed aside because they know the material or are one step ahead of other kids.

This is where homeschooling comes in. Instructing your gifted kid at home enables you to:

  • Teach them what they want to learn—The biggest advantage of homeschooling is that your gifted child will learn what they’re particularly interested in. If they love maths, for example, you can focus on it and include other related subjects
  • Go through the topics faster—If your kid is devouring their course material, you can add additional resources and help them advance faster
  • Make their learning enjoyable—If they don’t have a pleasant experience learning in public schools, withdrawing and homeschooling them will make it much more enjoyable while they’re surrounded by parents and family
  • Minimize bullying—Gifted children are usually picked on and bullied in school, so homeschooling them can help them avoid this as much as possible

Homeschool for Gifted Students—The Basics

Before homeschooling your gifted student, you should first find the best approach to teaching. It varies from child to child, and the best way to find out is to try out a few methods or talk to other homeschooling families.

The most popular approaches you should consider are:

Charlotte Mason methodThis method uses well-written and engaging books instead of worksheets and textbooks. It focuses on music, art, poetry, and literature and asks the student to retell everything they’ve learned from the reading
Interest-led learningLetting your child’s interests and curiosity guide you is what this concept is all about
Unschooling approachUnschooling is based on the idea that children can learn at home by engaging in their environment rather than using a curriculum
Montessori methodThis method of education emphasizes independence and is focused on the child’s natural psychological and social development
Waldorf methodWaldorf emphasizes outdoor play, screen-free learning, and arts. It takes a holistic approach to grading and tests

Tips for Homeschooling a Gifted Child

Here are some tips to help you get started once you decide on the optimal approach for homeschooling your gifted kid:

  • Let your child advance through the curriculum at their own pace—Don’t be afraid to let your child go through the curriculum quickly. If they’re advancing at high speed, you should provide them with extra material
  • Hire a professional teacher—If your kid keeps going through curriculums, seek out teachers who can help them cover the material on a deeper level than you can
  • Be content with their strengths and weaknesses—Sometimes, a gifted child will excel in one field while being weak in another. For example, musicians are usually bad at maths—if you acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses, it will give them a chance to work on both

How To Start Homeschooling Gifted Children

If you want to start homeschooling, the laws and requirements are the same whether your child is gifted or not. You may need to:

  1. Withdraw them from school by sending a withdrawal notice (if necessary)
  2. File a letter of intent to homeschool your child

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