Everything You Need To Know About Homeschooling in Utah

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How Do You Start Homeschooling in Utah?

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What Are the Utah Homeschool Laws?

When it comes to legislation, the Beehive State is widely known for its lenient attitude toward homeschooling. The minimal Utah homeschooling requirements and simplified enrollment procedure are a testament to that.

You can read a summary of the Utah homeschool laws in the table below:

Homeschooling RequirementYes/No
Compulsory age for homeschoolYes.

Your child can attend home school in Utah between the ages of six to 18

Filing a declaration of intent to homeschoolYes.

If you want to start homeschooling, you need to submit a homeschool affidavit first

Parental qualificationsNo.

You don’t have to be certified to teach at home. You are also free to hire a homeschool teacher to educate your kids

Participation in standardized testingNo.

Homeschooled kids aren’t obligated to participate in standardized testing

Keeping a homeschool transcriptNo.

Record-keeping is not a homeschooling requirement in Utah, but most families choose to create a homeschool portfolio anyway

The Utah homeschooling laws provide a unique dual enrollment opportunity for home-schooled students. If you think your child would benefit from a particular public school class or extracurricular program, they’re free to apply.

Another option for home-schooled kids is to spend half their time in school and the other half at home. The part-time arrangement has proven helpful to single parents without a good support system.

Creating a Homeschool Curriculum in Utah

Homeschool programs in Utah are devised and implemented by the person in charge of the education. You’re free to assume full responsibility or hire a third party to map out the coursework.

Before you get started on the curriculum, you should know that according to state laws:

  • You won’t have to include any mandatory subjects in your lesson plan
  • The choice of learning materials and educational methods is yours to make
  • You can design the curriculum according to your religious beliefs, your child’s disposition (e.g., if they have any learning disabilities), or other chosen parameters
  • The number of homeschooling hours you accumulate per year is arbitrary
  • You set the graduation requirements and issue the diploma

When and How To Submit the Utah Homeschool Affidavit

If you’ve officially decided to teach at home, you’ll need to file an affidavit or declaration of intent to homeschool. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Compose a letter of intent
  2. Get it notarized
  3. Forward the Utah homeschool affidavit to the school district superintendent via mail. You can also make an appointment and hand it in
  4. Wait for the official approval before taking your child out of school. It usually takes around 30 days after the document submission

You can file a notice of intent at any point during the school year. To generate the document, you can:

  • Download the form from the official Utah State Board of Education website
  • Subscribe to DoNotPay

Unlike in other states, you won’t have to re-submit the affidavit so long as you stay in the same school district. The local authorities will send you an exemption certificate for every year you continue homeschooling.

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Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to compose a letter of intent using the amazing feature:

  1. using your browser
  2. Open the Notice of Intent to Homeschool product
  3. Submit your school district information
  4. Answer a series of questions regarding yourself and the student

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Joining a Utah Homeschool Association

Utah has an incredibly developed support system for homeschooling families. The Beehive State is home to numerous homeschool organizations you can join. Apart from secular groups, there are also many Christian homeschooling communities, such as the Utah Christian Homeschoolers Association.

Joining a co-op is a great way to meet other homeschooling parents and learn more about the lifestyle. You’ll get a hold of reliable and up-to-date information on various homeschooling topics, such as:

  • The cost of homeschooling—Some Utah-based organizations provide financial aid to families who homeschool
  • Homeschool socialization—You’ll get invitations to various social events where your kids can form connections with their homeschooled peers
  • Latest trends in home education—Homeschool organizations can provide expert guidance on how to homeschool your child (e.g., study tips, contemporary learning theories, etc.)
  • Mental health and homeschooling—Homeschooling can take a toll on both the parent and the student so having access to psychological support is vital

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