Everything You Should Know About Homeschooling in Oklahoma

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Deciphering Homeschooling in Oklahoma

Starting a homeschooling adventure with your child in Oklahoma can be challenging since it’s a huge change. If you want to help your little one transition from traditional school to home-based education smoothly, this article is all you need. helps you discover everything about homeschooling in Oklahoma and assists in drafting the letter of intent to homeschool, one of the crucial documents in the process.

Is Oklahoma Homeschool a Good Idea?

If you are still wondering whether to homeschool your child in Oklahoma, here are some pros and cons to consider:

  • Homeschooling offers more freedom and allows an individual approach—you can adapt the program to your child’s needs and abilities
  • You can participate more in your child’s educational routine and gain insight into their way of learning
  • There’s no homework, as the child completes all the necessary assignments during their classroom hours
  • Your child can still participate in various activities, such as:
    • Field trips
    • Sports classes
    • Amateur and recreational leagues
  • Besides being a parent, you take on the responsibilities of an educator and organize everything yourself, which can be difficult
  • Your child may experience a lack of socialization while being homeschooled
  • There are fewer financial aid opportunities for this type of education
  • Some teaching resources used in public schools may be unavailable for homeschool needs

Homeschooling Laws in Oklahoma

Homeschooling requirements and laws in Oklahoma are pretty lenient. In most states, if you want to withdraw your child from a regular school and start homeschooling, you must notify the school authorities about that. That’s not the case in Oklahoma—you can submit a letter of intent to homeschool, but it isn’t a mandatory step. You also don’t need to ask school officials of your district for approval or let them visit you or inspect your home.

If you still decide to send a notice of intent to homeschool, you should include the following details:

  1. Basic info about you, your child, and the schooling institution your child attends at the moment
  2. The academic year in which you want to start homeschooling
  3. All details of your planned homeschooling program

You can start homeschooling your child when they turn five, as this is the minimum age for compulsory attendance at regular schools. It’s possible to teach the student yourself or hire someone else to do it in your stead—a certified teacher, for example.

The child needs to complete 180 days of education with six classroom hours per day, and you should document it for future reference because you may need to prove that the appropriate home education has been provided at some point.

Homeschooled students aren’t required to undergo testing unless they want to return to a public school. If they do, they must take a standardized achievement test.

What Subjects Should Homeschool in Oklahoma Include?

The Sooner State doesn’t mandate specific subjects as a part of a homeschooling curriculum. It’s recommendable to make the homeschooling program similar to the one in traditional schooling institutions by including:

  • Math
  • Health
  • Safety
  • Science
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Physical education

What Are the Most Popular Oklahoma Homeschooling Support Groups?

Oklahoma boasts many helpful homeschooling associations you can reach out to. Most of them are religion-based and include:

  • LIGHT Homeschool Group
  • Homeschooling in OKC Metro
  • Norman Area Home Educators
  • Cornerstone Christian Academy
  • Lawton Christian Home Educators
  • Red River Christian Homeschoolers
  • Christian Home Educators Fellowship
  • Trailblazers Homeschool Association
  • The Christian Education Alliance
  • Oklahoma Christian Home Educators Consociation
  • Educators for Christian Homeschoolers in Oklahoma
  • Northeast Oklahoma Association of Homeschools Jaguars

DoNotPay Is Your Way to a Perfect Notice of Intent To Homeschool

If you don’t know how to compose a letter of intent to homeschool yourself or are too busy to do it, DoNotPay has a solution! We have created a tool that helps you collect the necessary info and generate the document in a few taps.

The procedure is simple:

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  3. Provide other necessary info to help us draft your letter

After completing these steps, you can:

  • Have your letter of intent notarized by an online notary quickly
  • Let us send it in your stead to save time
  • Receive a ready-made letter in PDF format if you want to submit it personally

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