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Do You Need a Homeschool Grading Template? DoNotPay Has the Answers

Do you plan to homeschool your child? If so, you’re probably thinking of getting a homeschool grading template. Our article will show you the benefits of owning one and list all the ways you can get one yourself.

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What Is a Homeschool Gradebook Printable?

Having a homeschool gradebook is an excellent way of keeping track of what your child has studied and how well they’re progressing through the material. This allows you to track the courses your child took, as well as the grades they got in each subject in the curriculum. There are numerous choices that will fit your child, regardless of their age and level.

The gradebooks usually contain the following:

  • Summary overview—Grades in all courses and the overall student’s grade
  • Attendance record—This section is for tracking your child’s attendance, which is mandatory in some states
  • Reading list—Record of all books read by the student throughout the school year
  • A record of extra-curricular activities—List of all extra activities that aren’t in the curriculum
  • Course list—List of all courses, descriptions, curriculums, and resources used for teaching
  • Detailed instructions—Instructions on how to use the gradebook

Why Should You Get a Printable Homeschool Gradebook?

The biggest reason people get printable homeschool gradebooks is that in most states, you’re required by law to track your kids’ progress during homeschooling. Some colleges even require you to present one instead of a diploma.

There are even more benefits of printable gradebooks as they can:

  1. Help students take constructive criticism—When your child receives grades, especially bad ones, they’ll learn to use them to their advantage by improving the weak areas of their studies
  2. Help kids learn what they’re good at—By seeing that they need to work hard to get good grades, your child will also notice what their strengths and weaknesses are
  3. Make parents accountable—Without grading templates, parents can’t be 100% certain that their child is successful at learning. For example, if you see that your child is not getting consistently good grades at math, you may want to tweak the curriculum or focus on other subjects less

How To Get a Homeschool Grading Template

There are several ways you can get a homeschooling grading template, such as:

Download one onlineYou can find various websites that sell templates at low cost or offer them for free. Once you download one, you can print it out and then use it to track your kid’s progress
Buy one in personCo-op group conventions often have curriculum sales where you can consult other homeschool teachers and find a suitable template
Ask other parentsIf you can’t decide on a template, ask other homeschooling parents for recommendations and see what’s worked for them

What Else Do You Need Besides a Homeschool Gradebook?

Once you find a homeschool gradebook for your child, you will also need to withdraw them from school and file a letter of intent to homeschool to get started.

By submitting this form, you will notify the superintendent of your school district that you want to homeschool your kid. The document has to specify your homeschool plan, the date when you want to start homeschooling, who will teach your child, etc.

Obtaining the letter of intent to homeschool is possible in several ways, including:

  • Hiring a lawyer—If you decide to hire a professional to draw this document up for you, you will have to spend a lot of money on their services
  • Writing one yourself—Drafting the letter on your own is possible, but it will take a lot of time, especially if you don’t know the intricacies
  • —This is the most affordable and efficient option as our AI-powered app isn’t only able to generate the letter but even forward it in your stead

How Can DoNotPay Help You Submit a Letter of Intent To Homeschool?

If you want to save time and money, forget about hiring lawyers or writing the letter of intent to homeschool yourself—use DoNotPay instead! We’ll generate the letter for you in no time, and all you’ll have to do is follow a few steps.

Here’s the drill:

  1. in your preferred browser
  2. Select the Letter of Intent to Homeschool tool
  3. Give us the necessary details of your homeschool plan by answering our chatbot’s questions
  4. Tap on Submit

And you’re good to go! After creating the letter for you, depending on what you choose, we’ll either:

  • Send it to you
  • Forward it to the correct address
  • Connect you with an online notary if you live in a state that requires you to get the letter notarized

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