How To Homeschool in Hawaii—Rules and Requirements

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How To Homeschool in Hawaii—All Questions Answered

A child’s transition from traditional to homeschool in Hawaii can be challenging for parents and students. The good news is it doesn’t have to be complicated if you have accurate information and help from reliable sources.

We will break down the most important aspects of homeschool in Hawaii, including the rules, preparatory procedures, and essential documents, such as the letter of intent to homeschool!

Before You Start Homeschooling in Hawaii

A few tips may help you develop your schooling plan more easily before starting your homeschool endeavors:

  1. Get informed about homeschooling to understand what it entails. You can get more info from:
    1. Books and other library materials
    2. Specialized magazines, such as Homeschooling Today
    3. Various homeschool-related websites
    4. Interactions with other parents who chose this education type. There are many homeschooling groups and co-ops you can join
  2. Check out the Hawaii homeschooling laws in advance. The Aloha State proposes strict requirements for homeschooling hours, curriculum, and teacher qualifications. Revise them on time and ensure you comply with all the rules
  3. Find local homeschooling associations and groups because these organizations provide necessary support and help with teaching and costs. The two most prominent Hawaii homeschooling coalitions are:
    1. Christian Homeschoolers of Hawaii (CHOH)
    2. Hawaii Homeschool Association (HHA)
  4. Prepare a letter of intent to homeschool. If you decide to take your child out of regular school to homeschool them, you must inform the local school principal about it. In Hawaii, you can do it by:
    1. Completing Form 4140 offered by the Hawaii Department of Education
    2. Writing a letter of intent yourself and submitting it to the school
    3. and letting us compose the letter of intent for you

When Can You Start Homeschooling in Hawaii?

You can start teaching your child or hire a certified educator to do it as soon as you send a letter of intent to the local authorities.

Hawaii Homeschool Laws in Brief

Homeschooling allows parents to choose an education program and method with almost no restrictions, but there are specific rules you must adhere to. They are explained in the table below:

CurriculumYour curriculum must:
  • Focus on educational objectives
  • Be adapted to the child’s needs
  • Offer relevant, up-to-date knowledge and useful skills
  • The student must complete 1,080 homeschooling hours per school year
SubjectsThe state doesn’t propose specific requirements regarding subjects but offers some recommendations in the statute. As per Chapter 12 of the Hawaii Administrative Rules, homeschooled students in elementary school should learn about:
  • Art
  • Music
  • Science
  • Languages
  • Social studies
  • Physical education

Secondary school students can focus on:

  • Health
  • English
  • Science
  • Guidance
  • Mathematics
  • Social studies
  • Physical education
RecordkeepingA homeschool teacher must keep a record of the process. It must contain:
  • Start and end date of the homeschooling program
  • Number of teaching hours per week
  • Subjects covered by the program
  • Methods to present the appropriate materials and subjects
  • List of books and other teaching materials used in classes
Annual progress reportYou or the teacher homeschooling your child must file an annual report to the local superintendent. It can be:
  • A written evaluation
  • Score on the standardized achievement test
  • Results of Hawaii Statewide Testing Program, if applicable

Can Your Child Apply for College After Homeschool in Hawaii?

Yes—homeschooled students can apply for the same college. Your child will need a written acknowledgment from a high school superintendent in your district. This document confirms that the homeschooling was performed according to Chapter 12 of the Hawaii Administrative Rules.

Let DoNotPay Compose a Letter of Intent To Homeschool in Your Stead

Home-based education in Hawaii entails numerous administrative tasks, so getting help with bureaucracy helps you focus on the more important parts of the process, such as teaching.

Drafting an appropriate letter of intent to homeschool your child is especially tricky as you must:

  1. Check out what it should contain according to the local law
  2. Write the document using the appropriate terms and vocabulary
  3. Make sure not to make any mistakes or forget important info
  4. Submit the letter to the officials

DoNotPay brings you a top-notch tool that solves this bureaucratic hurdle in less than five minutes! We will collect the necessary info from you and draft the letter on your behalf without complications.

Here’s how to get our help:

  1. and log in to your account
  2. Select the Notice of Intent to Homeschool option
  3. Provide the necessary info about your family and school district

You can also choose to get your document notarized and sent on your behalf to the correct address!

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