Alaska Homeschool Laws Explained in Detail

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Alaska Homeschool Laws—Everything You Should Know

Once you decide to homeschool your child, you need to do your research and find out what the laws in your state mandate for teaching at home. Some parts of the country have strict requirements, while other states have pretty lax homeschool statutes.

What group do Alaska homeschool laws fall into? offers a detailed guide to homeschooling in the Last Frontier.

Homeschooling in Alaska—What Are the Requirements?

According to the Home School Defense Association (HSLDA), Alaska has the least restrictive homeschooling legislation, making it a perfect place for parents to teach their children at home. Here is a brief overview of homeschooling requirements in Alaska:

  • Number of homeschool hours—You should teach your child 180 days during the year, which boils down to four hours a day for grades 1–3 and five hours a day for grades 4–12
  • Mandated subjects—There are no mandatory subjects for homeschoolers in Alaska
  • Immunization requirements—There are none unless your child is a member of a religious private school
  • Assessment requirements—Religious private schools are solely subject to assessment requirements
  • Recordkeeping requirement—There are none, but it is recommended to maintain a student portfolio throughout the school year

What Are the Homeschooling Options in Alaska?

In the Last Frontier, there are four options to legally homeschool your child, as presented in the table below:

Under the homeschool statuteYou can homeschool as long as you are the child’s parent or a guardian. You don’t need to:
  • Notify the state
  • Seek approval
  • Test
  • File forms
  • Have any teacher qualifications
With a private tutorAny Alaska-certified teacher can homeschool your child
With school board approvalIf your child is “equally well-served by an educational experience approved by a school board”, they don’t need to attend a public school. To homeschool under this option, you will need to submit a written request to the principal of the school your child attends
As a religious private schoolTo homeschool under this option, you will need to:
  1. Submit a notice of enrollment to the superintendent
  2. File the Exempt Religious and Other Private Schools Enrollment and School Calendar forms
  3. Keep monthly attendance records
  4. Maintain permanent records
  5. Submit a corporal discipline policy
  6. Not accept any state or federal funding
  7. Comply with testing requirements

What Is the School Age in Alaska?

In Alaska, the law requires children between 7 and 16 to attend school. The only exception is a child who is six years old and is already in the first grade at a public school. If this is the case, the child needs to continue going to school unless you take them out of school within 60 days of enrollment.

What Is the Alaska Homeschool Allotment?

Alaska offers financial assistance to homeschooling families through the homeschool allotment fund. This aid should be used for purchasing school materials or reimbursing families who have already bought educational supplies.

How To Take Your Child Out of School in Alaska

If you want to start homeschooling in the middle of the year while your child is attending a private or public school, you should formally withdraw the child following the HSLDA recommendations.

If you want to begin teaching at home when the school year ends and your child is considered enrolled for the next year, you should withdraw your child before it starts. This way, the school won’t mark your child as absent.

You should keep copies of the withdrawal letter and other paperwork for personal records.

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