Requirements for Homeschooling in RI

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The Scoop on Homeschooling in RI

Getting started with homeschooling can seem demanding since you need to deal with numerous different issues. You should get familiar with state laws, homeschool curricula, the related cost, and required hours.

If you’d like to know what’s necessary for homeschooling in RI, this article offers the deets.

Laws on Homeschooling in Rhode Island

To homeschool in RI, you need to comply with the following state rules:

  • School is compulsory for all children age 6–17
  • Attendance in home-based schools should resemble that required for public schools
  • Homeschool parents must keep attendance records and make them available to their local school district
  • Teachers or parents teaching at home must provide thorough instructions for the required subjects in the English language

Keep in mind that local school districts make most homeschooling regulations in RI. Besides the above-listed state criteria, you should check what local school district’s requirements you’ll need to meet.

Start Homeschooling in RI

Once you’ve decided to homeschool your child in RI, here are the steps to follow to comply with related requirements:

Steps To TakeSpecifics
File a notice of intent to homeschoolYou need to:
  1. Notify your school district of your intent to homeschool your kid
  2. Wait for approval from your school district committee
Withdraw your child from the current schoolIf your child already attends a regular school, you can take them out once you’ve received the committee’s approval
Choose the curriculumYou can:
Cover the required subjectsTo comply with RI state law, you need to teach the following subjects:
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Arithmetic
  • Geography
  • History of:
    • The USA
    • Rhode Island
  • Health and physical education
  • Principles of American Government

If your child is in:

  1. The fourth grade, you’ll also need to cover the history and government of Rhode Island
  2. High school, you’ll need to teach the Constitution of:
    1. The USA
    2. Rhode Island
Keep an attendance registerYou must:
  • Keep and maintain an attendance register for your homeschooled student
  • Present it to the school committee at the end of each school year

How To Keep Records for Homeschooling in Rhode Island

While RI state law requires you to maintain attendance records when homeschooling your child and submit them to your school district, your local school district might have additional demands. Keep in mind that some districts, for instance, could also mandate filing a report at the end of each year.

You should consider keeping a homeschool portfolio that includes:

  • Curriculum
  • Lesson plans
  • Samples of your kid’s works
  • Progress reports or report cards
  • Scores in standardized tests

A portfolio might be useful for making transcripts in case your student wants to go back to public school or attend college.

Can a Homeschooled Student Return to a Public School?

Although some families choose to homeschool their children long-term, most do it temporarily. If you want your child to go back to public school after homeschooling in Rhode Island, you must:

  1. Notify your school district
  2. Register your kid with a local school

Keep in mind that some RI schools might require your child to take a placement test to confirm the grade level

Homeschooling in RI—Graduation Requirements

Once your student has met all requirements you’ve set for graduation, they become a homeschool graduate. You can prepare and issue a diploma to your child.

While there are no special state homeschool graduation rules to comply with, you might want to check the requirements of an educational institution your kid would like to attend.

You should design or adapt your homeschool curriculum to college requirements when deciding what coursework, tests, or extracurricular activities to cover at home.

How To Create a Notice of Intent To Homeschool

The first step you must take towards your homeschooling adventure is to prepare a notice of intent to homeschool and file it with your school district.

Your notice of intent must include your student’s:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Grade level

Aside from your child’s information, you should also enclose

  • A copy of the chosen homeschool curriculum
  • A written agreement stating that you’ll fulfill all state and local homeschooling requirements

Keep in mind that you cannot start homeschooling in RI until you receive a letter of approval from the school district committee.

to create a notice of intent that meets all criteria adapted to your specific situation.

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