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NC Homeschool Deets

If you’re still unsure whether to homeschool your child, you should get the information on state laws to know how to get started and understand the basic rules of home-based education.

What NC homeschool requirements do you need to pay attention to? DoNotPay analyzes relevant aspects of the process and provides practical tips for dealing with the necessary paperwork smoothly.

How To Start Homeschooling in NC

You can start homeschooling in North Carolina as soon as your child turns seven. Aside from meeting this homeschooling requirement, you’ll also need to take the following steps:

  1. Submit a notice of intent to homeschool
  2. Provide evidence that you—as a homeschool parent—have a high school diploma or equivalent
  3. Name your school
  4. Pick a homeschool curriculum

You should file your notice of intent with the North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education (NCDNPE).

NC Homeschool Laws

Although North Carolina is not on the list of the easiest states to homeschool in, the process won’t be too demanding with the right info.

Here’s a list you should follow:

Steps To TakeDetails
Register to homeschool in NCOnce you’ve notified the NCDNPE of your intent to homeschool, take the following steps:
  • Take your child out of the current school
  • Keep attendance and immunization records of your homeschool student
  • Have your child take a standardized test every year
  • Keep the test results for at least one year
  • Teach for a minimum of nine months each school year (you should keep track of homeschool hours)
Keep the recordsWhile you don’t have to file the homeschooling records unless the NCDNPE requests them, you should maintain a homeschool portfolio including:
  • Subjects you—or a hired teacher—cover every year
  • School report cards or assessments
  • Scores of standardized tests your child takes every year
  • High school transcript for your student when in grades 9–12

You should keep the above-listed information in case your child:

  1. Returns to regular school
  2. Applies for college after homeschooling

A Notice of Intent To Homeschool in NC

If you want to homeschool a child between seven and 16 years of age, you need to file a notice of intent by July 1, even if you are going to start educating at home in the middle of the year.

Your notice of intent needs to include the following information:

  • Your high school diploma or GED
  • Name and address of your homeschool
  • The administrator’s name

Keep in mind that while you don’t have to renew your intent to homeschool every year, you have to inform the NCDNPE if:

  1. The homeschool address changes
  2. You decide to close your homeschool, i.e., if you either:
    1. Stop homeschooling your child
    2. Move to another state

You should also be aware that in case your home school doesn’t fulfill all legal requirements:

  1. The NCDNPE will inform the superintendent of your school district
  2. The superintendent will take further measures

to create a reliable notice of intent to homeschool and thus avoid potential problems and delays. Let us deal with the legal requirements so that you can focus on the most suitable curriculum and teaching methods!

DoNotPay Can Deliver a Watertight Notice of Intent To Homeschool in NC

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and take the following steps:

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  2. Provide data about your student, school district, and yourself
  3. State if you’d like to:
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North Carolina Homeschool Requirements for Graduation

If you’re not sure what graduation requirements you need to fulfill when homeschooling in NC, take a look at the following list:

  • Diploma—You choose when your kid has met graduation requirements to issue them a homeschool diploma
  • Testing—There are no graduation testing requirements for homeschool students
  • Transcripts—While you can create a transcript yourself, you should make sure to include all information you find relevant for your child’s future path, i.e.:
    • College
    • Workplace
    • Military
  • GED and HiSET eligibility—If you’d like your child to earn a state-issued high school equivalency, they can take two nationally recognized assessments tests—GED or HiSET
  • Course credits—Since you’re the one determining whether your child has met graduation requirements, you could assign credits to each course when creating transcripts

How To Keep Up To Date With NC Homeschooling Rules

If you’d like to get valid information on how to homeschool your kid, you could join an NC homeschool association or a co-op.

It’s an excellent way to learn and share information on costs, available NC homeschool curricula, and the best resources to use for teaching.

If home-based education turns out to be too strenuous, these organizations and groups can help you find someone else to homeschool your kid because they offer support to homeschooling families. They also host and organize:

  • Conventions you should attend
  • Field trips, sports, and other extracurricular activities your child can take part in

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