The Ins and Outs of Homeschooling in Montana

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DoNotPay Breaks Down Homeschooling in Montana

Getting familiar with your state’s laws is the first step you should take if you plan on homeschooling in Montana. The intricacies can be overwhelming and confusing if you don’t know where to start.

Our guide will clear out any confusion you might have and tell you everything you need to know to homeschool your child. DoNotPay will generate a top-notch letter of intent and help you get started hassle-free! With our assistance, you can also learn why parents choose to homeschool.

Montana Homeschool Laws

To transition your child from school to homeschool successfully in Montana, you will need to meet the following requirements:

File a letter of intent to homeschoolYou must notify the superintendent of schools in the county where you plan to homeschool your child. To do this, file a letter of intent between July 1 and June 30. Obtaining the letter is a piece of cake if you
Keep recordsKeep and make the attendance and disease immunization records available to the county superintendent on request. Although not necessary, keeping homeschool portfolios and high school transcripts can be useful if your child plans on attending college
Provide the required number of homeschool hoursYour child must receive a minimum of 720 hours of instruction per school fiscal year from grades 1–3. In grades 4–12, they must receive at least 1,080 hours of instruction per school year
Teach the necessary subjectsThe homeschool course you plan to teach your child must include the basic subjects taught in Montana public schools, such as:
  1. English language arts
  2. Career education
  3. Social studies
  4. Mathematics
  5. Science
  6. Health
  7. Arts
Follow health and safety regulationsYou must make sure that your homeschool location is compliant with the local health and safety regulations applicable to homes

Montana Homeschool Requirements—Child Age

If your child is seven years old or older before their first day of public school, they must attend school until:

  • Their 16th birthday
  • They complete their grade 8 schoolwork

After one of these two requirements is fulfilled, you can begin homeschooling them.

Is a Teacher Certification Required for Montana Homeschooling?

You aren’t required to have any certifications to teach your child in Montana. Under the state’s laws, as a homeschool teacher, you are responsible for the:

  • Educational philosophy of the homeschool
  • Selection of the curriculum, textbooks, and instructional materials
  • Time, place, and method of instruction
  • Evaluation of the home school instruction

Montana Homeschooling Laws—Graduation

Homeschooled students in Montana don’t receive the same high school diploma as their peers attending public schools. Instead, they earn a Montana High School Equivalency Diploma after passing the HiSET exam. If your child wants to get higher education, they might have to take the PSAT and SAT exams.

Is There a Montana Home School Association?

A home school association is usually a private organization that provides information and paperwork regarding homeschooling in a specific state. They also

  • Organize annual conventions
  • Arrange state or regional field trips
  • Offer scholarship opportunities.

In Montana, there is only one homeschool association—Montana Coalition of Home Educators (MCHE). It offers guidance and support to families and advocacy regarding homeschooling rights. Being a member comes with various benefits, so be sure to visit the association’s website and find out whether the membership is the right choice for you.

Montana Home School Co-Op Groups Explained

Homeschool classes and co-op groups are a great way to socialize your child and skill-share with other parents and teachers. They provide tons of educational opportunities for families, such as field trips, park days, and other special events. Having someone else teach your child is also an option if you join a co-op group. In Montana, you can join one of the following:

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