Everything You Should Know About the Unit Studies Homeschool Curriculum

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Unit Studies Homeschool Curriculum From A to Z

One of the most important decisions to make before you start homeschooling is what teaching method to use. There are many options available, each one suitable for different families and children’s learning needs.

If you opt for unit studies, the homeschool curriculum you choose must match the method. DoNotPay will dissect this homeschool teaching process and explain how to choose a homeschool program for your child.

What Is Unit Study Homeschooling?

United studies are thematic units of multisensory learning, with each activity organized according to the thematic idea. The goal is to explore the subject from more than one angle to retain information better.

Unit studies have been a popular learning method in preschool and elementary grades in public and private schools. Numerous homeschooling families have adopted this approach because it:

  1. Allows students to study subjects with a greater understanding
  2. Keeps children more engaged and participative

When Does the Unit Study Method Work Best?

Thematic units are particularly convenient for parents who:

  • Have children in multiple age groups
  • Wish to use short-term unit studies for variety and move from a traditional homeschooling approach
  • Want to create a unique curriculum
  • Need low-cost curriculum options
  • Have children on the autism spectrum who have intense interests in specific subjects

How To Choose the Right Unit Study Curriculum

Parents interested in using the unit study learning method can choose from an abundance of curricula that can be combined to create unique teaching and learning styles. Here are some tips for choosing the right curriculum:

  • Make a list of academic goals for your child to achieve with each study
  • Draft an outline of what you wish to accomplish each day as the teacher
  • List activities and subjects you want to cover daily
  • Spend more hours on preparing lessons than executing them. If you do your research on materials and resources on time, the teaching will go smoothly
  • Be creative and include various subjects
  • Use online lessons and other helpful tools to supplement your teaching. You don’t need to create every part of the unit yourself
  • Use Pinterest for organizing your unit studies. You can create a board for each study and pin links you might need to refer to for particular topics
  • Maintain comprehensive records of what you accomplish each day. It will be handy for creating a homeschool portfolio

What Do You Need To Do Before Using the Unit Study Method?

Before you decide to use the unit study method for teaching your child, you need to research local homeschooling laws. Most state statutes are lax, and parents are allowed to educate their children as they see fit.

If your state doesn’t have any special requirements, you can choose the learning method you want. Take a look at the table below for more information about homeschooling requirements throughout the U.S.:

North CarolinaPennsylvaniaMaryland
New JerseyTennesseeNew York State
Washington StateMissouriColorado
UtahSouth CarolinaMassachusetts
LouisianaIowaWest Virginia
New MexicoMississippiHawaii
NebraskaNew HampshireMaine
DelawareMontanaRhode Island
AlaskaSouth DakotaWyoming
North DakotaDistrict of ColumbiaVermont

You should also examine the necessary paperwork because home-based education is typically not an administration-free process. Most states require parents to send a notice of intent to homeschool to the superintendent of their school district. It informs the officials that your child is homeschooled, so the school won’t consider them absent.

If you are not sure how to create this document or don’t have time to do it, you can for help!

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Other Homeschooling Learning Methods To Keep in Mind

If you are not sure that the unit studies learning method is the right choice for you and your child, you should consider other options. Here are other popular choices you should have in mind:

You can even mix and match the learning approaches to have the best of all worlds.

More Information About Homeschooling You Should Know

If you have doubts or additional questions about homeschooling your child, DoNotPay’s learning base is an excellent starting point for exploring home-based education further. Check out the popular ones in the list below:

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