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Which Homeschool Bible Curriculum Should You Choose?

If you’re starting your homeschooling journey, you’ll need a curriculum. Looking for one that will teach your child from a Christian perspective? In that case, you should get a homeschool Bible curriculum!

Finding one is difficult as there are many available options, so that’s why DoNotPay has compiled a list of the most popular ones.

We can also tell you how to withdraw your child from school and whether someone else can homeschool your child. Can you start homeschooling in the middle of the year? Are you having second thoughts about homeschooling? DoNotPay has all the answers!

What Is a Bible Homeschool Curriculum?

A Bible curriculum is written from a Christian worldview and is supposed to help your child understand the Scriptures better. While some families prefer to use the Bible itself as a curriculum, others need additional material to assist them. When selecting a Bible curriculum, you should consider whether it:

  • Matches your family’s view on the Bible
  • Uses the same translation of the Bible your family prefers
  • Has the format that you like (e.g., books or ebooks)
  • Can be completed in the amount of time your child is supposed to be homeschooled
  • Provides results you’re looking for

Choosing the Bible Curriculum for Homeschooling

Choosing the right Bible curriculums depends on your child’s educational level. We’ll suggest the following:

  1. Kindergarten Bible curriculums
  2. Elementary Bible curriculums
  3. High school Bible curriculums

Kindergarten Bible Curriculum for Homeschool

If your child is still in preschool, check out the following curriculums:

  • Friends and Heroes—Friends and Heroes presents the biblical story in the form of TV series, allowing your child to learn while having fun. It also offers music videos and similar materials
  • Christian preschool printables—This curriculum is perfect if you want Bible-themed coloring books, alphabet books, and other helpful materials for your toddler
  • Keys for Kids—Keys for Kids produces bible-related radio programs for homeschoolers of all ages. It also has various resources to make teaching easier
  • Abeka—This curriculum is perfect if you want to provide your child with a class routine they’ll get used to having every day. Abeka’s Bible classes include song time, memorizing verses, prayer time, and listening to visualized Bible stories
  • Garden of Paradise—In case you want to tell your child stories from both the New and Old Testament and play sing-alongs, this curriculum is your go-to choice

Elementary Bible Curriculum for Homeschool

Here are some Bible study curriculums if your child is at the elementary school level:

  • Veritas Press—Veritas offers a self-paced program for students in grades two to six. The biggest selling point of this curriculum is that your child can go through it independently
  • Answers for Kids—This is an all-in-one course consisting of 30 lessons that are meant to build the foundation of your child’s Bible knowledge
  • Positive Action—If you’re looking for a budget-friendly curriculum that your child can use both in elementary and high school, Positive Action is the one for you
  • Calvary Curriculum—Calvary Curriculum consists of coloring pages, worksheets, and activity pages to help your child learn interactively
  • Alone with God Bible Studies—This book series is perfectly suited for middle schoolers

Homeschool High School Bible Curriculum

Bible curriculums you might want to check out if your child is in high school are:

  • Apologia—Apologia offers several Bible study books suitable for high schoolers
  • Bible Road Trip—If you want to teach your child about the Bible and Christian history, Bible Road Trip has everything you need
  • Grapevine Studies—Grapevine Studies has various books for your teaching needs and covers numerous Biblical subjects
  • ACE PACE—This is a curriculum for all grades and can be used at the high school level. It can be bought individually or as a set
  • Christian Liberty Press—Although primarily meant for teachers, Christian Liberty Press offers materials that teach God’s plan for humanity in both the Old and New Testament

What Else Do You Need Besides a Curriculum To Start Homeschooling?

To begin homeschooling, parents need to file a letter of intent to homeschool. By sending this letter to the superintendent of your school district, you will notify them of your desire to homeschool your child. If you want to obtain this key document, you can either write it yourself, which will take a lot of time, or hire a lawyer, which will cost you a fortune.

A more time-efficient and affordable solution is to . We’ll draw up the letter of intent to homeschool for you in no time and even forward it in your name!

How DoNotPay’s Letter of Intent To Homeschool Product Works

Although it’s easy to start homeschooling in most states, drawing up a letter of intent to homeschool might be difficult. That’s why DoNotPay has developed a product to save both time and money! With our Letter of Intent to Homeschool product, you will only need to follow a few easy steps to get this document. Here’s the drill:

  1. Find the Letter of Intent to Homeschool feature
  2. Give us information about your homeschool plan and your child

We’ll generate the letter in an instant, and you can choose whether you want us to send it to you via email in PDF form or forward it on your behalf.

Since homeschooling laws and requirements are different in every state, check out the table below and get familiar with homeschooling in your state:

PennsylvaniaCaliforniaSouth Dakota
North CarolinaTennesseeMaryland
New JerseyMississippiNew York State
Washington StateMissouriColorado
GeorgiaSouth CarolinaNorth Dakota
LouisianaIowaWest Virginia
New MexicoMassachusettsHawaii
NebraskaNew HampshireMaine
DelawareMontanaRhode Island
TexasDistrict of ColumbiaVermont

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