How Much Is a Seatbelt Ticket in Ohio—Explained

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How Much Is a Seatbelt Ticket in Ohio, and How Can You Overturn It?

The notorious high cost of seatbelt tickets in the U.S. can make any driver in the Buckeye State raise the question: “How much is a seatbelt ticket in Ohio?”. Each state sets its own laws regarding seatbelt use, so you need to gather information for this state in particular.

DoNotPay will help you with that task by unifying all the answers in a simple guide. Keep reading to find out:

  • The essentials of the seatbelt laws in Ohio
  • The cost of the seatbelt ticket
  • Methods you can resort to if you have a valid reason to contest the citation

Ohio Seatbelt Law in a Nutshell

Whether you are a regular on the Ohio roads or just a visitor, knowing the regulations can help you drive safely and stress-free. You can find the answers to the most important questions regarding the Ohio seatbelt laws in the table below:

QuestionBrief Answer
Who needs to wear a seatbelt in Ohio?Drivers and front-seat passengers need to be belted at all times
Do you need to buckle up in the back seat?You don’t need to use a seatbelt in the rear if you are an adult. Vehicle occupants between seven and 15 years of age do need to have their seatbelts on no matter where they sit
What is the child seatbelt law in Ohio?Children who are younger than eight and less than four feet and nine inches tall need to be in an appropriate child safety restraint system approved by the law
Is the law primary or secondary?Ohio has secondary enforcement of the seatbelt law—the police officer can’t pull you over unless you make a primary traffic offense
Is a seatbelt ticket a moving violation in Ohio?A seatbelt ticket isn’t considered a moving violation in Ohio, so you won’t get demerit points, nor will it influence your insurance costs

How Much Are Seatbelt Tickets in Ohio?

Breaking the seatbelt law in the State of Ohio will result in the following fines:

Ticket Issued ForCost for the First Offense

The driver is responsible for the tickets issued to any minor occupants in the vehicle.

Repeating the violation will lead to an increase in the fine, and the cost can go up to $75 per occurrence.

If you are guilty without plausible cause for contesting, you can pay the fine or ignore the ticket. Note that if you don’t pay up, the court will punish you with additional fees.

You can make your payment in one of these ways:

  • Online
  • By phone
  • By mailing the check
  • In person at the traffic division in your local court

Want to learn more about the fines in other states? Check out our cost-specific seatbelt ticket guides for:


How To Beat Seatbelt Tickets in Ohio

If you believe that you were ticketed undeservingly, you should fight it. Two approaches can help you overturn your ticket and dodge the fine:

  1. Due diligence defense—Applies to situations in which there is a valid reason for not having a seatbelt on. Some of the acceptable arguments are:
    1. A passenger removed the seatbelt without you noticing it
    2. You were driving in reverse
    3. One of the passengers or yourself had an emergency
    4. You have a medical exemption certificate that excuses you from buckling up
    5. The seatbelt wasn’t working, and you were driving to the mechanic to fix it
  2. Reasonable doubt—Applies to situations when the police officer wrongly issued you a ticket. This can happen when:
    1. The seatbelt color matches the color of your shirt
    2. You had the seatbelt on while driving and took it off after the officer pulled you over

You need to convince the judge that your citation should be revoked–which asks for:

  • Witnesses
  • Strong defense

For the latter, you need to be convincing, assertive, and meticulous. Building a case on your own is no picnic, and hiring a lawyer can be expensive. If you want a professional appeal without the high cost, , and you’ll get it!

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In a few minutes, we’ll generate a personalized appeal letter and forward it to the authorities.

No matter which state you live in or are passing through, DoNotPay will help you play it smart. Get the info on seatbelt laws in all U.S. states here:

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