DoNotPay’s Alerts Will Warn You if a Female Pedophile Is Near Your Kid

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The Female Pedophile—Fend Off the She-Monster With DoNotPay’s Alerts

Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder that causes an adult to have an intense sexual interest in children. There is a preconceived notion of pedophiles being all males, but this only makes it easier for a female pedophile to prey on her victims without raising any suspicion.

There are over 42 million survivors of child sexual abuse living in the U.S., and this figure hardly reflects the largely unreported cases of female pedophilia.

Child safety is sacred to DoNotPay—we have crafted this guide to help you spot and evade female pedophiles. You can also use our Sex Offender Search feature to spot all sex offenders living in your neighborhood. Prioritize your child’s safety— to get timely alerts!

Why Are Female Pedophiles Under-Reported?

If you analyze the list of female sex offenders in the U.S., you will find that most sexual abuse cases fall under the Teacher/Lover category—where the victim is an adolescent male, and the abuser exploits her caretaking or mentoring role for sexual purposes.

Female pedophiles form a small percentage of the known female sex offenders database because their offenses are either undiscovered or under-represented. Their victims—who are mostly boys under the age of 12—fail to recognize the abusive angle of these women’s uncomfortable sexual advances.

Many female pedophiles use deprivation, emotional blackmail, or threat to stop their gullible victims from speaking up, and it works.

Profile of a Female Pedophile—A Distorted and Compulsive Mind

The lack of research in cases of female pedophiles makes it hard to identify a common character profile for these women. Many observers have found that female pedophiles are:

  1. Usually shy and unassertive
  2. Highly likely to have an antisocial personality disorder, severe depression, bipolar disorder, or other mental health issues
  3. Often diagnosed with alcohol dependency or substance abuse
  4. Disgusted by adult body hair or heterosexual intercourse and relationships

A study on female pedophiles found that more than 50% of them had experienced a disturbing childhood, prolonged sexual abuse, or some form of physical and emotional abuse in their lifetimes.

Female Pedophile’s Preference of Victims—Who Is at Risk?

Female pedophiles feast on the passive narcissism and sexual arousal that comes from being close to a child. They prefer victims who are diminutive in stature and have reserved personalities.

Based on the available victim profiles, female pedophiles can be categorized into four subtypes:

Incestual abusers
  • They are also called the Mother Nurturer subtype
  • These women sexually abuse their biological children or the ones in their immediate family
  • Maternal sexual abuse almost always goes unreported and can lead to severe mental health issues for the victims
Social hunters
  • These women abuse their trust-based adult friendships to hunt for victims in their social circles
  • They rarely raise suspicions due to their social acceptance, unlike other isolated female pedophiles
Power abusers
  • This category includes women who are not mothers but enjoy an external form of power over a child—like babysitters and female authorities in faith-based institutions
  • These women are likely to have co-offenders, although solo abuse is not uncommon
  • They have a high risk of recidivism—i.e., the likelihood of reoffending
Homosexual molestersWhile the other subtypes prefer male victims, this group preys on young girls exclusively. It is hard to know more about the features of a homosexual female pedophile due to the lack of adequate studies

How Is a Pedophile Woman Different From a Man?

For informed parental vigilance, you need to know what sets a female pedophile apart from her male counterpart. This table will help you understand their striking differences:

Male PedophileFemale Pedophile
ViolenceMore likely to use violence on victimsMore likely to use subtle coercion on victims
IncestTarget more step-children or step-relativesMore likely to target their biological children
Nature of AbuseMore cases of oral copulation or penetration observedMore cases of inappropriate touches, like fondling and kissing
BackgroundLow records of them coming from an abusive backgroundMost female pedophiles have an abuse-rooted background

How Does Law Enforcement Monitor a Known Woman Pedophile?

Thanks to Megan’s Law, every U.S. state has incorporated measures to keep pedophiles in check.

A convicted women pedophile has to register as a sex offender on her state’s sex offender registry. She will be assigned a risk tier or level based on the severity of her sexual activity with the victim.

Local sex offender registry laws may impose the following restrictions on female pedophiles:

  1. Residential restrictions and employment limitations to prevent contact with minors
  2. Movement and travel restrictions to stop them from entering child-safety zones
  3. Continuous monitoring of their whereabouts through a wearable GPS device
  4. Compulsory completion of a therapy program
  5. Any other prohibition depending on the underlying case details

Despite these restrictions, the bitter truth is that most female pedophiles are discreet unregistered sex offenders who compulsively prey on victims behind closed doors but never face the law.

Don’t Gamble on Your Child’s Safety—Use DoNotPay’s Automated Alerts

Many studies indicate that an average pedophile molests over 300 children in his or her lifetime. It’s natural for responsible parents to be anxious about their kids being lured into disaster by manipulative female pedophiles, but there aren’t many feasible ways to keep an eye out for these offenders.

DoNotPay’s Sex Offender Search is a wholesome solution to your sex offender vigilance troubles. Our app can access any public registry database and generate a quick and relevant report containing the details of all the sexual predators around you!

You are four steps away from upgrading your child’s safety:

  1. and navigate to Sex Offender Search
  2. Tell us if you want to know about a particular female pedophile or if you want a list of all registered sex offenders near an address
  3. Set a proximity radius for your selected address
  4. Select our weekly scan option, if desired

Many parents spend hours every month trying to single out pedophile profiles from state government registries, but DoNotPay extracts the data you need in a matter of seconds. Our weekly scan automates the search process around your specified address—say your home or your child’s school—to notify you of any new sex offender entering the area.

What if My Child Is Targeted by a Female Pedophile?

If DoNotPay’s report alerts you of a female pedophile lurking near your child, you must avoid freaking out and consider the following safety measures:

  • Educate your little one about the standard precautions one should take against strangers
  • Make them aware of the red flags in adults—like good and bad touches
  • Establish a comfortable communication channel with your kid
  • Alert other parents in your community and help them stay vigilant
  • Contact 911 or the offender’s supervisory officer only if you have a security concern

You can refer to our state-specific sex offender registry guides to get more information about local laws on sex offenders:

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New YorkNorth CarolinaNorth DakotaOhioOklahoma
OregonPennsylvaniaRhode IslandSouth CarolinaSouth Dakota
WashingtonWest VirginiaWisconsinWyoming

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